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Wholesalers urged to act following Far East shipping rates rise

Wholesalers are being urged to stringently examine their logistics agreements and to seek out the most cost-effective shipping method to minimise the impact of a 30 per cent hike in shipping rates from 1st July. The call to action comes from Nick Jones, MD of Redfern International, a supply-chain management …

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New Warehouse Management System

'Most User Friendly and Intuitive Yet' Promises Faster Payback. A new warehouse management system, claimed to be the most user friendly and intuitive yet, has been announced by advanced warehouse systems company Synergy Logistics. “We have done a lot of work with users and our development team to make our …

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Access and control system extended

Industrial safety specialist Fortress Interlocks has introduced a range of key interlock modules for its eGard system. eGard is a fully modular system that can control access to hazardous machinery, via gate switch and trapped key technology, and can also include simple machine or access controls such as push buttons, …

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