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Quick change with Leantek

Efficiency and productivity can be maintained when a process changes in virtually any storage, handling and order picking operation by adapting carts and trolleys created with the modular LeanTek system from The Tube & Bracket Company. New and existing units can be built or modified in minutes using basic tools …

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Time to take stock of damaged goods

The Hemel Hempstead fire has caused major damage to a number of warehouses and distribution centres leaving a lot of companies with damaged goods from the blast, heat, smoke and water. As such, this is probably a timely reminder to many retailers/manufacturers about the contingency they should have in place …

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New government report on food miles

also offer the potential for transport cost savings for customers”. According to DTI statistics, vehicles transporting food and drink currently run empty for 25% of the time at a huge cost to the transport companies, the environment, and to the economy as a whole. A reduction in the amount of …

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