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Zero mainenance, zero emission batteries for Link

Link Logistics has installed EnerSys's Hawker Evolution batteries, with high frequency (HF) chargers, for the lift truck fleet at the distribution warehouse operated on behalf of the frozen produce retailer Farmfoods. Hawker has also supplied Link Logistics with a Battery Management System to ensure that all batteries are correctly charged …

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LAP launches range of safety reversing alarms

High-quality safety reversing alarms for a wide range of vehicles including fork lift trucks and lorries are now available from LAP Electrical, the renowned manufacturer of emergency lighting products. There are a total of 8 part numbers in the LAP reversing alarms range which covers a number of models in …

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Snowex takes to the highway with new chassis trailer

The highly acclaimed Broadwood SnowEx truck spreaders have now become even more versatile with the launch of a new trailer chassis. Robustly built, the chassis enables all models, with capacities ranging from 400L to 1500L, to be used for highway service. Also suitable for the newly launched, SnowEx V-Maxx spreaders, …

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