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Electrical Installation Solutions reduce costs and carbon emissions for logistics and warehousing companies

Norfolk-based Electrical Installation Solutions Ltd (EIS) is helping logistics and warehousing companies to reduce costs and carbon emissions with new factory lighting technology. Cost savings can amount to hundreds of thousands of pounds per year funded by zero-interest loans.

As a specialist installation contractor for industrial and commercial lighting schemes, EIS is embracing new lighting technologies – in particular induction lighting – to assist clients reduce their energy bills.

EIS managing director Steve Neeves said: "Much has been made of LED lighting systems in recent years but this technology has its limitations, particularly in larger volume buildings commonplace in the industrial sector.

"EIS has been working closely with manufacturers of induction lighting, which provides more suitable light spread for higher level installations, in order to develop robust, cost-effective and energy-saving lighting solutions."

Typical lamps, such as LED lights, use electrical connections to pass current though them. Induction lamps work by passing a magnetic field through a mercury gas from outside the lamp, which excites the gas to produce ultraviolet light. The outside of the light is coated and makes the UV light visible as it passes through the coating.

Because there is no need for electrodes inside the lamp – the most life-limiting factor in conventional lights – its life span can vary from 60,000 hours to as much as 100,000 hours. Induction lighting also uses less energy to produce between 60 and 90 Lumens/watt. It is environmentally friendly and can produce energy and maintenance cost savings of between 35 per cent and 55 per cent.

EIS project manager Stuart Olley has developed low energy induction light schemes for a number of major companies. These schemes use sophisticated fittings and controls to provide internal areas with excellent levels of light, lighting colour rendition and significantly reduced energy consumption.

Stuart said: "We have seen payback periods of less than 18 months at the feasibility stage in a significant number of projects. These figures continue to be borne out as we monitor the new installation over the months that follow commissioning."

Based on the running time for a typical high-level lighting system in a warehouse of 8,496 hours per year, installing induction lighting can reduce energy consumption by 2.3 million kWh. Carbon emissions can be reduced by 95 tonnes annually. The total annual energy cost saving is £249,000.

Steve Neeves said he is surprised at the general lack of understanding about induction lighting within the market: "Despite its very clear benefits, it is surprising to find that organisations know little of induction lighting and are also unaware of some of the funding help available to implement sustainable improvements through sources such as The Carbon Trust.

"We can assist companies in achieving much improved lighting schemes and in some cases guide them through external funding options as well.

"Any SME can apply for a zero per cent loan up to £100,000 for capital energy saving equipment. On-line applications are subject to approval of the scheme by The Carbon Trust.

"Loan applications for induction lighting schemes have generally been looked at very favourably. One of our major suppliers is a Carbon Trust ‘approved supplier’ and is able to assist with applications."

EIS offers a fully priced proposal with details of projected payback at no initial cost to companies looking at lighting improvements and energy reductions.

John Howard or Mike Holland
Smye Holland Associates
Telephone: 01733 564906
Email: johnh@smye-holland.com

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