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Electronic recycling company weeebuy predict more electronic waste after Christmas

THIS year we will see more ‘post Christmas’ electronic waste than ever before, predicts a waste recycling expert.

Consumers are expected to make more big technology purchases than ever, in a bid to beat the forthcoming VAT hike, making many old gadgets redundant says electrical goods recycling service weeebuy.

Electronics and the latest gadgets are always popular choices at Christmas time. According to a survey conducted by retailer Emax, smartphones will top the most wanted list this year.

The latest iPads, Microsoft Xboxs, and Nintendo Wiis are popular choices too which leaves their mature models surplus to festive fun requirements.

Figures out this week show 593,885,000 Nintendo DS units have been sold worldwide during 2010 and global e-reader sales are up 80 per cent for the year.

After mobile phones, the games console was the most popular product recycled by weeebuy in 2010.

Chris Rogerson co-founder of weeebuy, the UK’s leading online electrical goods recycling service said:
"People are generally more conscious about recycling than before; they have different bins at home for plastics and garden waste and so on, but when it comes to the electrical goods like straighteners, MP3 players and laptops people have less convenient options. They either just hoard them in cupboards or worst still, products can occasionally end up in landfill adding to the Europe’s growing electronic waste problem.

"The recession is not over by any means and with growing awareness of ‘cash for trash’ services, people are looking at ways to make money so they can get their hands on the latest gadgets. They don’t want to miss out – recycling what you’ve already got is the perfect answer to getting a better deal.

Rogerson added:
"As more and more new technologies are introduced, households are adding more and more to the pile of post Christmas unwanted electrical gadgets. This coupled with the VAT increase in January will lead to a boom in spending."

Since weeebuy launched in August, it has recycled more than 20,000 electrical products paying out just under £700,000.

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