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Elettric 80 to supply Lagena Distribution with LGV-based solution

14 January, 2008 – Elettric 80, a global provider of end-of-line automation solutions, is to supply Lagena Distribution, Scandinavia's largest distribution and logistics company, with thirteen high-lifting Laser Guided Vehicles (LGVs) and one high speed stretch robot for its facility in Stockholm, Sweden.

The LGVs, each with an 8 metre reach capability, will work alongside manual fork lift trucks in a rack storage environment to improve safety and efficiency at the site. Elettric 80's system will seamlessly integrate into
an existing Warehouse Management System (WMS) and manual picking solution.
Lagena's overall objective is to lower handling costs at the centre, without compromising flexibility of operations and accessibility. Lagena specialises in the distribution of alcohol from producers around the world. It predominantly distributes wine bottles and bag-in-box cartons, but also handles beers and spirits such as whiskey, tequila and cognac.

Due to the variety of goods going through the centre, Elettric 80's LGV solution has been designed to handle different sized pallets. The product is stacked from floor to ceiling in a 12,000 sq metre high storage area. The vehicles deployed will be programmed to manoeuvre in a 3 metre wide corridor. Not only will the LGVs support the storage process, they will also be tasked with moving goods to and from an existing automated warehouse.

Lagena delivers 600 to 1,200 pallets a day – equivalent to over half a million bottles. Due to market demands, the business rationale for automation within the distribution environment has become increasingly compelling. These pressures were formerly only present in the manufacturing sector, but as operational efficiencies are put under the microscope and the desire for cheaper product increases, the need to improve reliability in the distribution environment becomes more critical.

The brief Elettric 80 received from Lagena was to provide a cost effective automation solution which was reliable and would increase safety in the handling of goods, thus minimising wastage.

Lars Reinholdsson, Managing Director at Lagena Distribution, said: “Due to
the volume of products going through our distribution centres, we started to
explore the feasibility of an LGV-based solution and in particular the Elettric 80 offering. The products that we handle are very fragile and are
susceptible to breakage. In the world of logistics and distribution, you have to look at new ways of reducing breakage and consequently improve your operational performance. Elettric 80's solution was ideal. It used proven technologies and offered us a degree of flexibility within our centre that
we previously didn't have.”

For more information contact:
Elettric 80 AB
Mikael Renström, Managing Director
Tel: +46 31 743 4741
E-mail: renstrom.m@elettric80.it

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