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Empac announce appointment of ColepCCL Managing Director Francisco Rodrigues to Board of Directors

AGM highlights push towards greater sustainability

European Metal Packaging (Empac) is pleased to announce the appointment of ColepCCL and its representative, ColepCCL Packaging Division Managing Director Francisco Rodrigues to the Empac Board of Directors. ColepCCL is a leading European contract manufacturer of aerosol and liquid products in personal care, beauty, healthcare and homecare markets, and a leading supplier of packaging solutions. The appointment was confirmed at the Empac Annual General Meeting in Copenhagen last week.

Empac also confirmed a record-breaking number of new associate members at the AGM, expanding its geographic and sector reach. New members include Hungarian Metalpackaging Non-Profit LLC, CEPE (Conseil Européen de l’industrie des Peintures, des Encres d’imprimerie et des couleurs d’art) and SEFA (Syndicat Européen de l’industrie des fûts en acier).

At the AGM, more than 80 representatives from the metal packaging industry around Europe met to discuss new initiatives designed to accelerate the advancement of sustainability in the industry.

"We are particularly pleased with the rapid growth and activity within our organisation and that it’s happening in 2010, the 200th anniversary of the invention of food sterilisation in metal cans," said Gordon Shade, CEO Empac. "It’s an exciting time to be a part of the industry that is doing ever more to reduce the environmental impact of packaging for consumers and businesses across Europe. Today metal is one of the most modern packaging materials and perfect for our 21st century living style with its unique qualities.", he added

Metal packaging preserves and protects the nutritious value of fresh food while helping to prevent food wastage. In 2008, a record 70 percent of steel cans in the European Union were recycled while metal packaging accounts for only an estimated 0.5% percent of household waste. More than 90 percent of metal packaging in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium is recycled, while more than 80 percent is in Switzerland and Austria.

Empac recently announced the launch of a pan-European contest among students in metallurgy, packaging design and engineering to create new innovations to further improve the sustainability of metal packaging

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