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Energised Combinations from Barloworld

In January, Hyster announced the launch of a new range of electric counterbalance forklifts, the JXN/JXNT, which is designed to optimise the balance between energy consumption and performance. However, Roger Massey of Barloworld says that companies can gain even greater efficiency by combining the new truck with effective battery management.

The recent launch of Hyster's new three and four wheel JXN /JXNT electric forklifts in Cologne, demonstrated a leap forward in energy efficient design for forklift trucks. But, as Roger Massey explains, electric fleet performance can be further enhanced by correctly specifying and managing batteries.

“By looking at battery management in combination with the new Hyster electric trucks, companies can maintain performance with less energy, reduce charging times, utility costs and downtime. This package represents unbeatable energy consumption and delivers significant and quantifiable long term cost savings.

“When operating in energy efficient 'eLo' mode, Hyster's new electric counterbalance truck is the most energy efficient truck in its class. In competitive VDI cycle tests the JXNT used 16% less energy to perform the same amount of work than the competitive average. The JXNT is also designed to cater for the widest range of DIN batteries and capacities so that the truck can be specified to exactly match different application needs. For example a truck can be specified with a larger custom battery for long shift or high utilisation operations.

Barloworld's Power Factor 4 solution delivers optimised battery performance for the life of the contract. The package utilises the most efficient high frequency (HF) chargers and low maintenance batteries. The advanced batteries feature a unique air circulation system which means they can be fully charged quicker with up to 75% reduction in the emissions produced by charging. Furthermore, batteries can be topped up as part of the Full Maintenance package; even opportunity charging is possible without damaging the battery.

To retain full battery capacity over the life of the contract, Barloworld uses a unique MACBAT regeneration system to optimise battery performance and remove the sulphation on the battery plates, ensuring the capacity and shift life throughout the contract life is maximised. The system will also regenerate sulphated batteries, helping to minimise battery replacement costs.

“Effective battery management will increase truck availability throughout the shift and reduce utility costs associated with charging. It also helps to reduce the costs of battery replacement or cell damage caused by improper use or lack of maintenance.”

For multi-shift operations that rely on efficient battery change at the end of a shift, the side battery extraction option on Hyster forklifts helps to remove the risk of accidents and ensures quicker replacement. This facility is in fact featured across most Hyster warehouse trucks including the new JXN / JXNT range. A range of battery extraction modules is also available from Barloworld to easily transport batteries from the trucks to the charging bay.

Roger Massey continues “Cost reduction, energy efficiency and productivity are key drivers that face all industrial operations in today's economic climate. With Barloworld and Hyster's support, companies can deal with all these issues.”

For further information visit http://www.barloworld.co.uk

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