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Enersys at IMHX 2007

EnerSys is the world's largest producer of batteries and chargers for material handling equipment. In addition to its core battery and charger products, EnerSys leads the industry in providing turnkey solutions for battery handling and charging room designs to reduce the total costs of operation. Enersys will be displaying the full range of Hawker and Fiamm products including batteries, chargers and battery handling equipment.

Batteries on display will include high performance Hawker Perfect Plus and Fiamm Energy Plus both of which are designed to cope with the arduous demands of today's multi-shift workplace. The Enersys airmixing system – to reduce charging time and keep batteries cooler during charge – will be demonstrated, together with time-saving single-point battery filling systems.

For those wishing to reduce topping-up frequency, Hawker Freedom, Hawker Premier, Fiamm LM70 or Fiamm LM200 will be on show. They are all models that require a lower frequency of topping-up, sometimes as little as once a year for some applications.

Totally maintenance free motive power batteries which use VRLA technology and gelled electrolyte can be found in the Hawker Evolution and Fiamm Motive dry brands.

Chargers on display will include both 50Hz and high frequency (HF)
technologies. The Enersys ranges can provide solutions which suit all batteries to maximise their performance and service life.

IMHX will be the first opportunity to view two new products which are being
manufactured in the Enersys industry-leading HF charger factory in Brebieres, France. The new range of Lifetech chargers puts an emphasis on energy saving, an environmental focus for many companies as they aim to reduce the amount of power used in their business. Lifetech costs are at a similar level to those of standard 50Hz chargers.

The Lifetech series covers 24 V single phase chargers and has been developed to meet the need for cost effective and efficient chargers for standard applications with flooded and VRLA motive power batteries, type Hawker Perfect Plus and Hawker Evolution. These multicapacity chargers offer key features incorporating the cost-saving benefits of HF technology. The Lifetech range design is an innovation in energy-converting technology, with chargers optimised in terms of weight and size and having polymer ABS flame retardant enclosures.

The lastest addition to the Enersys HF charger range is the revolutionary new high-speed LifeSpeed which is capable of fully recharging a battery in 2-4 hours. Lifespeed 3000 is designed for opportunity or full charging in 2-4 hours, depending on depth of discharge and conditions of use. This means that break or rest periods can be used for opportunity charging, thereby saving time and money and reducing the need for battery changing. The LifeSpeed range covers 10 to 40 KW, 24 , 48 and 80V chargers for a large choice of battery capacities.

Enersys is globally renowned for its expertise in battery handling system design and the superior performance, ease of use and durability of its products. Working displays will feature the Enersys PRO Series battery handling equipment, which covers anything from a single roller-bed right up to triple level systems for storing and charging over 300 batteries, and a
double level, semi
automated 'battery bull' change car system focusing on
efficient space utilization, employee safety and rapid change times.

For operators of smaller fleets where battery change is required Enersys will be displaying the Battery Tugger which is mounted onto a powered electric truck and uses electro-magnetic extraction to manipulate batteries, taking the necessary power from the host truck. There is no manual handling by staff. The bed of the Tugger is fitted with slider strips to ensure smooth and safe battery transfer, keeping the battery in position when moving the truck and eliminating the need for a battery retaining bar or

Hawker is the widely-recognised Motive Power brand of EnerSys, a leading
supplier of batteries, chargers and services. EnerSys is the world leader in
stored energy solutions for industrial applications. EnerSys manufactures
and distributes batteries, chargers, power equipment, and battery
accessories to customers worldwide. The company also provides aftermarket
and customer support services to its customers from over 100 countries
through its sales and manufacturing locations around the world.

More information on Hawker can be found at: www.enersys-hawker.com
More information regarding EnerSys can be found at www.enersys.com.

For product/company information please contact:
Karen Smith
Enersys Motive Power
Tel: 0161 727 3800
Fax: 0161 727 3899
e-mail: karen.smith@uk.enersys.com

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