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Ensure your waste carrier is registered – DO A QUICK CHECK!

Households are reminded to log on to the Environment Agency's new 'online waste register' to double check that their waste carrier is authorised and legitimate.

New regulations – introduced on 21st November last month – place a Duty of Care on every household to ensure that contractors removing their rubbish are registered companies. Households failing to undertake this duty will face fines of up to £5,000. This applies to rubbish not removed by local councils.

“In the lead up to what is one of the busiest waste periods – we are urging every household to jump online and double check the credentials of your waste carrier,” Environment Agency's Head of Waste, Martin Brocklehurst said.

“Last year, there were 500,000 fly-tips of household rubbish – a large proportion of which was dumped by operators posing as legitimate waste carriers.

“These criminals make money by charging households to remove their waste illegally – they expect that no questions will be asked and that their registration will not be checked. Then they dump the rubbish anywhere they choose.

“Under the changes, this illegally dumped rubbish can be traced back to the household it came from and fines made against the householder. We are urging everyone to work with us to put a stop to fly-tipping and the environmental devastation it causes.

“Logon to http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/publicregister and search by postcode, town or company to check whether your waste carrier is registered.

“If they claim to be registered telephone the Environment Agency on 08708 506506 and request an instant Waste Carrier Validation Check,” Martin Brocklehurst said.

The new regulations can be accessed on-line at: http://www.opsi.gov.uk/si/si2005/20052900.htm

More information about the duty of care is available on the Defra website:

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