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Enterprise Software and Ortec join forces to create fully integrated transport management

ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE, whose user base includes 8 of the UK’s top 15 Logistics Service Providers, and ORTEC, the leading advanced planning and optimisation solution company, announced that they have joined forces to create a fully integrated Transport Management and Routing Solution.

Full "orders-to-cash" functionality combined with real-time optimisation of multiple sites, resources and workloads provides an offering to the Logistics marketplace that is significantly more than the standard ‘radial distribution’ schedulers are currently able to offer.

In an industry littered with "Optimised" routing and scheduling failures the logistics knowledge of Enterprise Software combined with the ingenuity and flexibility of ORTEC’s optimised routing and scheduling solutions means that, finally, real efficiencies can be achieved.


Companies that are growing rapidly cannot afford to keep increasing planning administration in line with revenue growth, which is why ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE and ORTEC have dedicated time and effort to resolve the many and varied automated routing and scheduling issues.

Already a number of companies are benefitting from savings of up to 12.5% in operational costs, due to more productive scheduling, better utilisation of assets and a reduced carbon footprint.

Natural Partners

ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE and ORTEC are natural partners in the creation of a solution designed to automate the entire supply chain. Both companies provide best in class solutions, share a deep knowledge of the transport and logistics industry and possess a mutual belief that technology has the power to transform transport, but should never become its master.

In contrast with "one size fits all" hardware focused offerings which are often over-specified and over complex, ENTERPRISE and ORTEC’s solutions look deeper into the fast flowing ever changing operational data that is the lifeblood of logistics and believe the pain of planning can be reduced.

Unrivalled Solution

Charlie Nash, Sales Director of ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE comments "As far as the logistics operator is concerned transport management solutions are certainly not created equal, only our joint solution offers maximum flexibility to cope with new orders being placed, planned efficiently and dispatched during the day. By pooling our competences with ORTEC’s in a synergistic and complementary way we can offer fresh and valuable new facilities to new and existing customers".

Michael Oskam, ORTEC’s Partner & Alliances Director explains: "The unique position of ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE in the UK partnering with the top logistics providers for many years will further accelerate our UK footprint. With ENTERPRISE we share a lot of experience in transportation automation and optimisation. Together we offer an integrated solution with unrivalled functional scope, performance and flexibility to offer our customers groundbreaking value for their diverse businesses".

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