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Environment Agency approves New Earth Solutions MBT facility LATS Monitoring Plan

New Earth Solutions specialist biological waste treatment and recycling company is set to further reinforce its appeal to the local authority sector with the approval by the Environment Agency of a LATS Monitoring Plan for the New Earth bio stabilisation and landfill diversion process.

The Dorset facility is contracted by Bournemouth Borough Council to process Residual Municipal Waste via bio stabilisation and mechanical recovery techniques, and is one of the first MBT facilities in the UK to receive approval for a LATS diversion monitoring plan from the Environment Agency.

A report entitled, 'Monitoring plan to determine performance of a New Earth Solutions MBT plant in terms of Landfill Allowance Trading Scheme (LATS)' explains how New Earth Solutions will proceed with quantifying the amount of residual 'black bag' biodegradable waste that is diverted from landfill on behalf of local authority clients, including Bournemouth Borough Council.

Says Jon Pickering of the Organic Resource Agency (technical consultants to New Earth Solutions), “The monitoring plan is required by the Environment Agency to determine the percentage diversion of biodegradable waste from landfill. This means that New Earth Solutions can demonstrate to local authority clients such as Bournemouth Borough Council that the assessment techniques are robust. The results can then be used to determine the potential performance under the Landfill Allowance Trading Scheme (LATS)”.

The monitoring plan will provide Bournemouth Borough Council and New Earth Solutions with a LATS approved certificate by which to prove the rates of diversion achieved via New Earth technology.

According to Peter Gillatt, Managing Director at New Earth Solutions: “The report is crucial in the development of an approved programme to provide Bournemouth Borough Council with a formalised measure of the bio-stabilisation and diversion processes underway. The results of the monitoring programme will enable the local authority to determine the extent to which it is achieving landfill diversion targets with a fully accountable and approved strategy in place to report exactly what is being achieved in meeting Landfill Diversion obligations as required by the EU Landfill Directive”.

Previous tests undertaken on New Earth technology by the Organic Resource Agency have proven that in excess of 80% of biodegradable waste can be diverted from landfill when treated by a New Earth facility.

New Earth Solutions has secured contracts with Kent County Council, Essex County Council and Bournemouth Borough Council, and as a result of project financing from the German Bank Nord LB will continue to rapidly establish new facilities throughout the UK

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