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EPAL Euro pallets: Close collaboration with the customs authorities in the Czech Republic

in the battle against counterfeit pallets and unauthorised repairs.

Extending trademark protection laws in the Czech Republic has made it possible to take even stronger action than before against counterfeits and unlicensed repairs of EPAL Euro pallets in the Czech Republic. Previously, Euro pallets were only provided for in a very restricted way under trademark protection laws in the Czech Republic. By extending the laws, the rights of trademark right proprietors can also be more effectively claimed for Euro pallets. For the European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL) this is an important step towards having better control of the quality of the pallet pool in the Czech Republic and to fundamentally improving the situation for both EPAL licensees as well as the users of EPAL Euro pallets.

In order to facilitate the consistent implementation of the new legislation, the EPAL Academy offered the customs authorities a two-day workshop aimed at identifying counterfeit EPAL Euro pallets, which took place at the end of April 2015 in the Czech Republic. Training courses for EPAL Euro pallet users are also planned. The chief training objective is again, to identify counterfeit EPAL Euro pallets at first sight and thus to protect employees and goods from potentially serious hazards.

Trademark protection laws have also changed in favour of trade mark proprietors in the Slovak Republic. The Slovakian customs authority has pledged the necessary support to Dana Babušíková, the EPAL representative in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. During the coming months, the EPAL Academy will run training courses for customs officers and users in Slovakia.

"We are doing exactly as we have promised to manufacturers and repairers holding an EPAL license, who have for many years demanded an improvement of the markets in the Czech Republic and Slovakia" Dana Babušíková explains.

The customs authorities have already been able to deliver some initial results in just two weeks after the first training course given by the EPAL Academy in the Czech Republic, having identified almost 1,300 counterfeit EPAL Euro pallets.

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