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EPAL-licensed Euro pallets are the world's No. 1 inspected load carrier

EPAL-licensed Euro pallets are the world’s No. 1 inspected load carrier

With an increase of almost 11%, the 2015 production figures of EPAL pallets have exceeded all expectations. A total of 73.6 million EPAL Euro pallets were produced around the globe in 2015. This is a record result, up 10.9% in comparison to the previous year. At 23.9 million units, the 2015 repair figures were slightly but clearly above those of the previous year (2014: 22.4 million).

In 2014, with an increase of 3%, the development of the EPAL load carriers was on a par with the growth of the global logistics industry. In 2015, the production figures more than tripled and thus lay far above the annual growth rates in the logistics and packaging industry.

Martin Leibrandt, CEO of EPAL: “This exceptional result is thanks to the outstanding teamwork of all fifteen National Committees, the three EPAL representatives and the field managers. I’m very proud of EPAL’s positive development.”

EPAL’s positive overall result was influenced by increased production in the following countries (in alphabetical order): Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Ukraine. And in addition, the overall result was co-determined by increased repairs in the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Spain and Ukraine. In Asia, EPAL recorded increased production figures in China and South Korea and increased repair figures in China.

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