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Essensium launches SafeTrack, the world’s most advanced collision warning solution for the logistics market

With SafeTrack, Essensium delivers the world’s most advanced collision warning solution that will help prevent and eliminate much of the countless accidents that occur in logistics warehouses. SafeTrack is based on the accurate 2D position information that is provided by Essensium’s patented EPS (Essensium Positioning Solution) technology.

SafeTrack consists of indoor reference nodes, indoor mobile nodes for both people and vehicles, and a new version of the location server with an anti-collision SDK.

The indoor reference nodes act as fixed beacons to which the mobile nodes determine their distances. Triangulation of these distances to the reference nodes lead to the coordinates of the mobile nodes in real time. The reference nodes come in a number of different form factors to cost optimize the infrastructure hardware.

There are 2 types of mobile nodes: the forklift vehicle node and a people node. The forklift vehicle node is composed of an antenna node and an optional connector node to interface various sensors and actuators to the SafeTrack system on the forklift. The people node is integrated into a safety jacket and has been optimized for optimal RF visibility at all times.

The final part of the SafeTrack solution is the Location Engine with the SafeTrack SDK. The new SDK allows system integrators to easily implement various rules regarding the safety of the particular warehouse under consideration.

SafeTrack represents the state-of-the-art in collision warning systems in the market and manages to provide a solution where alternative safety systems fail: since SafeTrack is based on a global view of the site, it can more accurately identify real and false alarm conditions than for instance systems based on proximity detection. Furthermore, SafeTrack is based on a highly integrated solution which enables tracking both people and vehicles with high precision.
Essensium has installed SafeTrack at the warehouses of LOGIS in Opglabbeek, a training center for the logistics market in the Benelux. LOGIS has been working with Essensium to help develop the solution. Gery Daniels , LOGIS Managing Director comments : “Essensium has been using our training center extensively to test and optimize the SafeTrack solution. Now that it becomes available, we are very pleased with the final result. The system has been installed on some of our equipment and interested companies are welcome to come and check it out.”
SafeTrack is immediately available through the growing list of Essensium’s approved system integrator partners globally. The system integrators can easily build your customized safety solution based on the SafeTrack platform.

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