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EuLoS.eu streamlines car delivery with CALIDUS ePOD

nternational automotive logistics company EuLoS.eu is investing in an electronic proof of delivery system from OBS Logistics. The automotive logistics company will use CALIDUS ePOD to automate its current paper-based, manual pre- and post-delivery inspection recording and provide real-time traceability. The CALIDUS ePOD system from OBS Logistics will provide a fully computerised audit trail for each vehicle from point of collection to final delivery with the customer.

"I’ve been in the automotive logistics business for more than 20 years and have seen other companies adopt various systems. I now believe it is the right time for EuLoS.eu to invest in this technology too as it will help us become more efficient for our clients and it will assist business expansion. I was aware of the capabilities of other PDA-based systems, but OBS Logistics showed great interest in what we do and was very enthusiastic in helping to develop CALIDUS ePOD meet our needs. It is a very robust system and the company provides very good support," says Chris Martins, EuLoS.eu Managing Director.

Vehicle defects will be photographed and shortages noted using the PDA and stored with the electronic inspection and delivery forms by the system. All paperwork that the customer requires is also tagged and traceable against the electronic records. The system will provide a robust, comprehensive and auditable file for each car making it easier to contest insurance claims for vehicle defects.

EuLoS.eu will run the system on Motorola ES400 PDAs, using it initially for automating its Europe-wide vehicle repatriation and new and hire car collection operations in the UK. The system directs the drivers through the inspections systematically while recording each step using simple electronic forms instead of handwriting defect codes onto diagrams and completing lengthy paper inspection documents.

"Managing paperwork is time consuming and can be frustrating. For example, we may have a truck travelling from Slovenia to Moscow and to get all the paperwork back from the trip could take a week or more. We want to be able to improve on this with an electronic system that provides proof of delivery and computerised documentation that we can deliver to our customers instantly. Such technology improves efficiency and enables greater response and this is particularly important when dealing with insurance claims as vehicle inspection information and photographs can be sent directly from the point of collection," says Chris Martins.

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