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European Handling Equipment launches Warrior EasyRoller

European Handling Equipment has introduced its state-of-the-art Warrior EasyRoller. An innovative pallet truck, the EasyRoller has a lifting capacity of 2500kg and is designed to assist the operator by utilising leverage from the handle and transferring the power to the main steer wheels, making it exceptionally easy to manoeuvre.

The Warrior EasyRoller allows the operator to push down on the handle and move the truck with much less effort than would normally be required. This controllability enables a user to easily negotiate small lips and ramps that would cause problems for a standard loaded pallet truck.

Steering the EasyRoller could not be simpler. A novel foot pedal ensures complete control of the pallet truck at all times. Also, instead of relying on a conventional friction drive, the EasyRoller’s forward and backward travel is achieved via a direct mechanical drive system. However, for increased versatility, this system can be disengaged to allow the EasyRoller to be used as a regular pallet truck. In fact, this unique system can also be retrofitted to other non-standard pallet trucks in the Warrior range.

“We are always keen to provide our customers with equipment that makes the job easier, safer and more efficient,” says Andy Williams, European Handling Equipment’s managing director. “Our Warrior EasyRoller is a prime example and we’re confident that it will prove its usefulness time and again in a multitude of work environments. The range of unrestricted movement you can achieve with the EasyRoller is second to none, making it a smart choice for almost every application.”

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