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Eurotuin chooses SATO’s printing solution as part of RetailVista’s software

Eurotuin, a company comprising of several garden centres in Belgium is a member of Garden Retail Services, the largest full service organisation for garden centres in the Benelux region, with nearly 300 garden centres in the Netherlands and Belgium. Eurotuin recently changed its labelling system and chose NedFox’s RetailVista software to update its shop automation.

Nedfox, a leading retail software vendor specialising in providing cost-effective, scalable software, has chosen to apply SATO’s GL4 printer to its RetailVista ERP software as it has the flexibility and scalability to meet the needs and growth of garden centre businesses. NedFox’s software is able to process large amounts of data using barcodes which include information such as prices, available stock in-store, customer database or products’ descriptions. NedFox’s RetailVista ERP is compatible with SATO’s GL4e series printers which are particularly suited to the retail environment thanks to its versatility and online barcode verification and are RFID Ready, therefore fitting perfectly into the Garden Retail Services shop automation.

Eurotuin needed to update its labelling system to be able to store more product data and to print out labels quickly. A large number of plants come from afar without barcodes and the stores needed to create them rapidly since they are living items. Additionally, given the high number of items to be labelled in-store, Eurotuin also required large, reliable and robust printers for all its garden centres. Two types of labels were necessary for the stores including sticky labels to be applied directly on all items such as plants or pottery, and secondly shelf labels giving information for a whole group of products. SATO’s consumables were perfectly suited for these purposes and compatible with the printers.

Shop-floor staff have found SATO’s GL4 printers simple and easy to use, and have particularly been impressed with how simple it is to switch between the different rollers. The different types of rollers fitted to the printers can now be changed faster from shelf labels to sticky labels, which allows staff to dedicate their time to different tasks.

NedFox’s RetailVista ERP also includes an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) feature that automatically updates Eurotuin’s IT system. For example, to simplify the process of ordering goods, the garden centre can scan the items to be ordered, the information is then sent directly to the supplier electronically without any additional manual work. Another benefit of EDI is the ability to print out labels from a centralised server when new items are delivered to a store. At the other end of the line SATO’s printer can then remotely process the large number of labels required in one go, demonstrating its flexibility and robustness.

SATO’s GL4e printers have fulfilled all NedFox’s requirements to provide high quality labelling to Garden Retail Services’ members from the day they were introduced to the RetailVista solution, and the partnership has brought mutual growth to both companies as well as end-users. Fons Werink of NedFox commented: "Since introducing the new GL4e Series printers we have helped a large number of garden centres improve their labelling process and achieve time and cost savings. This is all down to enhanced functionality which allows for accurate inventory management, sales accuracy, and improved employee productivity."

Dirk de Block of Eurotuin said: "The newly introduced SATO printers in our stores have enabled us to speed up our labelling process, making our employees’ work easier. The printers are easier to operate thanks to their user-friendly features and have helped us create high quality labels, easily readable by our customers."

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