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Evaporative cooling helps warehouses chill

Evaporative cooling is the ideal solution for hot warehouses this summer, as it provides significant cooling at a fraction of the price of traditional air conditioning, allowing large areas to be economically cooled. JS Air Conditioners can supply and install an evaporative cooling system to control the temperature in warehouses from 100m3 to over 50,000m3 for a fraction of the cost of refrigerant-based air con, a chiller-based air handling system or even a ventilation system without active cooling.

Not only is installation cheaper but the ongoing running costs are 70% less than regular air conditioning, as the only powered elements are a fan and water pump. This economy makes controlling the temperature in large warehouse environments a viable option, making them more pleasant to work in and therefore more productive.

The only drawback with evaporative cooling compared to traditional air conditioning is that the reduction in temperature can only be around 10°C lower than the ambient outside temperature. However, with temperatures in the UK rarely going above 33°C, evaporative cooling is ideal for our climate.

A typical evaporative cooling installation consists of an external box-type evaporative unit installed either on the ground directly outside a building, or on the wall or roof. This contains a large fan, which draws air into the unit through continually wetted filters. As well as cooling, airborne pollutants such as dust are filtered. The cooled, purified air is then fed into the building and distributed to the areas to be cooled via ducting.

One unit will typically cool an area up to 3,500m3 but multiple units can be installed to cool any size of area.

In order to ensure good performance, the area being cooled needs to be well ventilated but no active extraction of indoor air is required. All that is needed is to leave windows or doors open to allow the air to flow through the premises. An additional benefit is that a comfortable level of humidity is maintained within the building.

Alternatively for those wanting a temporary cooling solution just for the summer months, a mobile unit can cool an area up to 625m3. As it's on wheels, it is easy to position, and a single unit can provide up to 30kW of traditional cooling for under 1kW of electrical power. As with the fixed models, the mobile units can also be connected to a thermostat for automatic control.

JS Air Conditioners offers a full service of advice, design, supply and installation of evaporative coolers for any sized application.

Neil Gordon, Special Projects Manager, JS Air Conditioners, Artex Avenue, Rustington, Littlehampton, West Sussex, BN16 3LN. Tel: 01903 858608. Fax: 01903 850345. Email: ngordon@jsairconditioners.com

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