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Events specialist Tudor Services beats pandemic with Mega solution from Krone

Events specialist beats pandemic with Mega solution from Krone

Tudor Services, the Bristol-based events transporter has switched to general haulage in response to the decimating effects of Coronavirus on the corporate events and entertainment industry.

Drawing on the load flexibility of their recently acquired Mega Dry Liner box trailer from Krone, the firm is satisfying a growing demand for cargo transport to and from the continent.

“The pandemic created a massive hole in our traditional business,” says Luke Power-Hippisley from Tudor Services “but instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, we immediately looked for new opportunities suited to the secure and high-volume capabilities of our trailer fleet.”

Accordingly, explains Luke, Tudor Services are now running regular routes to destinations throughout Europe, carrying anything from horse food and hay to furniture and mixed loads. And, says Luke, Covid-19 and new Brexit regulations combine to present some unique but surmountable challenges.

“The virus has caused the entertainments business to evaporate and then Brexit red tape followed up, to slow everything down. However, because many foreign hauliers are reluctant to come over to the UK for fear of encountering problems on return journeys, we have seen some price hardening and a gradual increase in work two and from abroad. Moreover,” continues Luke “as we had the foresight to gear-up with a customs broker, we are able to quickly deal with the new administration and provide a relatively fast and uninterrupted service in both directions.”

Making the best of each high cube load, the Krone Mega Liner comes with an internal load height of 2,865mm, inside 4m overall. While for low cube work and coupled to Tudor’s 4 x 2 Mercedes tractor units, the lightweight design of the trailer allows a payload of 23.7 tonnes. Furthermore, the trailer is fitted with an extendable rear loading ramp and 5 rows of load locking for secure loading of mixed cargo. The ‘container type’ rear doors feature double integrated door locks with a flat outside surface and for added security, the door latches are recessed under the floor.

The Mega Dry Liner benefits from Krone’s powder coat paint process and 10-year guarantee against corrosion perforation. Plus, in keeping with Tudor Services’ distinctive brand, the rear bumper, light panels, and side guards are all finished with a special metallic top coat.

“During difficult times like these,” adds Luke “our advice is to seek out new opportunities and make sure your trailers are versatile and dependable enough to carry virtually any load. In this regard, we will be returning to Krone for future trailer requirements.”

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