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Every Picture Tells a Story

There was no prize for the most popular stand as voted for by the exhibitors at IMHX, but if there was Samuk+HC would probably have won it. From the moment the show opened rival truck manufacturers were climbing all over the Samuk+HC stand to see for themselves just how good the company's new products are.

New CEO Vanda Morris was delighted; “Our Chinese partner, Hangcha, is now the number one Chinese forklift truck manufacturer. As well as growing the number of products they sell they have also increased the range of product they make – the warehousing range was a particular surprise to many of our competitors! The extensive use of European components, such as Cummins engines and ZF transmissions plus the incorporation of proven design features pioneered by our Chairman, Sir Neville Bowman-Shaw, has seen the Hangcha products take a significant step forward. Gone are any concerns over Chinese production, quality or reliability. Our competitors are rightly anxious to see for themselves what they will be competing against from now on.”

At various times throughout the four days of the exhibition, senior sales and design staff from all the major truck manufactures could be found on the Samuk+HC stand, may of them with cameras. As is the Samuk+HC way, their presence was not discouraged, indeed senior Samuk+HC staff were happy to demonstrate the growth in the Hangcha product range. Sir Neville was particularly keen to highlight the use of Cummins engines and the design features reflecting his designs, made famous during his time running Lancer Boss.

Vanda concluded: “We had a wonderfully successful show, one of the highlights of which was the interest shown in our products by our competitors and independent truck dealers. Without exception we had all the major Asian, Japanese and European truck manufacturers visit our stand and scrutinise our products. The interest our new products created justifies our belief that we have a highly competitive product range that has the right blend of features and technology to appeal to the majority of users. Our partnership with Hangcha has brought out the strengths of both companies. These are reflected in our products and our ability to take the product to the European market – strong, reliable trucks utilising European major components built in a high quality, low-cost manufacturing centre. I can see why our competitors are keen to see them and anxious about the impact they will have on their sales.”

Samuk Lift Trucks Limited
Park Road, Toddington, Bedfordshire LU5 6HJ

Tel: 01525 877700
Fax: 01525 874555

Samuk Lift Trucks Limited is based in Toddington and Peterborough. The company is headed by Sir Neville Bowman-Shaw the founder of Lancer Boss and is the exclusive reseller of Hangcha Lift Trucks in the UK. Hangcha Lift Trucks are made in China and Hangcha is the second largest Chinese lift truck manufacturer, having been making trucks since 1974. The new (2005) Hangcha factories can produce up to 40,000 trucks a year and employ just over 800 people. The factories are certified as complying with ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 14001 environmental management standards. Development of the company's facilities, which will be complete in 2008, will double its single shift output.

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