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Exd explosion and flame proof connectors from Trolex available in stainless steel

The proven Exd explosion and flame proof Connectors from Trolex are now available in stainless steel in addition to brass.

Certified for use in both underground mining and industrial hazardous area applications, the TX3700 and TX3701 Connectors are exceptionally high quality and robust. Made to IP67, the stainless steel housing has shock protecting fenders, captive protection caps immediately to hand and two body shell sizes for optimal performance.

The Connectors give a choice of 3,4,8,10,26 or 37 contact ways for control circuits and medium power circuits as well as high voltage versions.

Since its introduction over 20 years ago, the Trolex Exd Connector has firmly established itself as the pre-eminent connector of choice in the industry. Many thousands have been successfully employed in oil and gas exploration and process plants, with a proven record of reliability.

No special tools or filling compounds are needed for a simple installation and assembly as the two large, accessible screw fasteners unite the connectors in seconds. The rapid disconnect features of the connector enables swift replacement or removal of critical plant equipment in hazardous areas with minimum downtime.

One of the important benefits of the design simplicity is an improved assurance of safety standards for installers and users in hazardous areas. Significant savings in installation costs are also achieved through the ease of cable termination. The uncomplicated design and strength of the connector means it is able to tolerate the hard knocks of day-to-day use in extreme operating conditions.

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