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Exploring Schaefer’s High Efficiency World

SSI Schaefer, the leading global supplier of warehousing and logistics solutions is showcasing its expertise on a stand which is over 1,400 square meters. On display will be Schaefer’s latest technologies and products for integrating processes and boosting efficiency. There will also be interactive on-screen presentations with applications in industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, retail, food and beverages, e-commerce, automotive, fashion, production logistics, and customer service and support.

Visitors will be able to experience the technology for themselves. The range spans storage and retrieval systems, shelves and load carriers, conveyors and picking devices, and control and warehouse management systems.

On the stand are two demonstrations. The first illustrates a high-performance automatic small parts warehouse equipped with SSI Schaefer’s mini-load crane storage and retrieval system, connected to a conveyor which carries the goods safely and reliably to the ergonomic picking stations. The components are controlled by a live SAP EWM system. En route to the workstations, the SSI Schaefer Scan Machine (SAM) performs fully automatic, item-by-item checking and documentation of the shipments and customer-order based sorting. The automatic checking system can count the items for more than 1,000 orders per hour and identify them by means of six-sided scanning.

The second demonstrates the cost-effective, flexible SSI Autocruiser transport system, which transfers goods to the ergonomic pick@work assembly workstation system and/or the efficient E-Pick picking system. SSI Autocruiser is suitable for medium-length in-house routes and closes the gap between forklifts and conventional conveyor installations. Additional small parts are accommodated in the LogiMat® storage lift that is used for both storage and picking.

In addition, SSI Schaefer is presenting a mobile shelving system for storing goods on pallets, plus a selection from its wide range of plastic containers. Software solutions will also be in the spotlight at CeMAT. At its World of IT exhibit, SSI Schaefer will highlight its market leadership in this field and provide information about the comprehensive functionality of the WAMAS and SAP logistics products.

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