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Exporta Global Anti Slip Extra Grip Pallet Dimples

Exporta Global Anti Slip Extra Grip Pallet Dimples

One of the UK’s leading plastic pallet specialists Exporta Global has launched two new anti-slip pallets specifically designed to maximise the grip of loaded products.

Part of Exporta’s range of robust rackable pallets, extra grip is achieved by special dimples built into the surface of the pallet which help prevent loaded products from moving.

These new anti-slip dimples have been added at no extra cost.

Export Global Managing Director Dale Paterson explained: “The dimples built into these heavy duty pallets maximise grip – particularly important where the pallets may be tilted.”

“This provides extra security assurance for those transporting fragile or high-value products. Further security can be provided by combining the pallet with our bestselling plastic collars.”

Samples of these robust anti-slip pallets are available. For further information please visit – www.exportaglobal.co.uk/packaging/rackable-plastic-pallets/


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