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Eyes Abroad Launches Eueco

Environmental company to proactively pursue solutions in the field of construction

Eyes Abroad (EA), the dynamic Cheshire-based international property developer has announced the official launch of 'Eueco', an EA subsidiary company designed to enhance sustainability and environmentally aware construction work in the property development sector.

Eueco is a concept devised by EA's CEO Llion Rowland's. It is fully funded by Eyes Abroad but is intended to operate as a separate, independent and objective voice in the complex debate of sustainable development abroad.

Llion explains, “At Eyes Abroad we recognise that the construction industry is one of the main culprits for squandering precious resources and creating environmental damage. Eueco is a holistic initiative that allows us to become part of the solution to improve processes from an environmental, ecological and social viewpoint, whilst respecting the commercial aspects that are necessary to our survival as a business.”

Eueco has already begun to demonstrate its value and has played an integral part in the planning and development of EA's latest Montenegro developments, 'The Residence and Hypnos'. It is here that Eueco has come into its own through the desire to make a tangible difference in the region through a multi-faceted approach targeting environmental and social activities.

At present, the forefront of Eueco's activities is to develop relationships with key partners and practitioners in the field of sustainable development. These partners include the UN, local government office in Montenegro, environmental and energy consultants, architects and construction companies. Working in conjunction with these partners will enable Eueco to achieve improved standards within the property development sector. One of the first projects to proactively utilise the partnerships is the compilation of a database of sustainable resources, which will be distributed to companies and groups working in this area of South Eastern Europe.

Gillian Caddy, Environmental Manager of Eueco comments, ” Our objective is to have access to a range of skills, expertise and experience in various fields relating to the environment and sustainability. We believe that by having partners who are willing to challenge our thinking, we will improve our own operational and environmental prospects and maximise the benefits we are looking to achieve.”

As sustainability continues to be a popular term of corporately responsible organisations, Eueco provides a rare example of a corporate company with a real desire to make a difference in the industry, with the energy and drive to eventually become an independently viable organisation within the construction sector.

Further details on Eueco and the developments at Montenegro can be obtained by visiting

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