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FachPack 2015 Preview, Mosca, Hall 4A, Stand 509

At this year’s FachPack (FachPack 2015. Nuremberg, Germany), strapping specialist Mosca will demonstrate a selection of versatile, high-performance entry-level machines. Highlights include the Evolution MP-6 in three versions – table, belt and roller – and the fully-automated LCU pallet packing press. In addition, the company will show its range of high quality strapping materials, including PP, PET and bioplastic PLA variants.

The Mosca Evolution MP-6 was one of the first models to offer customers the benefit of the company’s shared component concept. This means that all three versions feature the same strap dispenser, feeding unit, strap magazine and strap guide frame, a modular construction approach that delivers Mosca quality at cost-effective prices.

The MP-6 machines incorporate Mosca’s advanced SoniXs ultrasonic technology. When using a SoniXs sealing head, the tensile strength of the welded seam is up to 80% of the strap material strength, while the efficient welding process delivers low emissions. The Standard-6 strap path featured on all three models ensures easy accessibility, which makes maintenance, cleaning and repair simple and fast.

The Evolution MP-6 table model can be manually operated. Thanks to its compact design, it fits into smaller production areas, while a rotating user panel makes it accessible from both sides. This offers real advantages during peak production times for corrugated cardboard processors, wholesalers and mail-order businesses. The table model is available in eight different frame sizes, up to a frame width of 1650mm.

The MP-6 is also available as a fully automated model in versions with a belts or rollers conveying system. Both come in three sizes with a frame width up to 1000mm, and can be easily integrated into existing production lines.

The fully-automated LCU pallet packing press is an entry-level pallet strapping model, often used for frequently changing, low volume production runs. The machine fits easily into production lines and its modular construction makes it suitable for many different industries.

The LCU is factory equipped with a moveable SoniXs sealing unit for parallel ultrasonic welding. After attaching the strap in the first position, it moves to the second position and secures the load for transport. The strap positions are based on Euro pallets and can be set to 440 or 625mm. For high-output operations, the LCU can be specified with two SoniXs ultrasonic sealing units.

Options include an easy-to-install conveying system and a BSG-3 strap sealing unit, which eliminates time-consuming strap coil changes. This minimises downtime and makes the operator’s job much easier. For enhanced safety, the LCU can also be fitted with a Zero Energy State system (ZES). If the machine’s power supply is interrupted, the compression plate moves into a fixed position and is secured; no energy is required. The plate can be easily put back into operation when power is restored. ZES is a service mode that can be switched on or off as needed.

Mosca will also show examples of its tear-proof PP and PET strapping materials, in widths from 5 to 15mm, which can be used in all strapping machines, regardless of type or manufacturer. Mosca’s advanced strap production facility is also helping to meet customers’ growing demand for sustainability. The company operates its own photovoltaic system to produce all the energy needed to make PET straps and is now expanding its range to include PLA straps. These bioplastic straps are made of renewable raw materials and can be composted after use.

Mosca equipment and strapping are available in the UK through Mosca Direct, based in Cotgrave, Nottinghamshire, which provides full sales and service support for the UK and Ireland.

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