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Facom challenges roller cabinet design with new innovations

Facom has released a range of new roller cabinets and top-chests featuring innovative design features which challenge traditional and restrictive workshop storage facilities.

The company has gone back to the drawing board to deliver state-of-the-art JET+ roller cabinets available in three widths with up to 11 drawer combinations and with clever built-in features to increase efficiency for workshop owners and mechanics.

Innovations such as retractable edges to accommodate large objects, wheels which only require a seven kilogramme force to move the unit, handles designed to counter slippery hands, fast tool access and soft bumpers to absorb shock and protect vehicles sets the range leagues apart from standard metal storage boxes used in many workshops.

Alison Howard, UK Marketing Manager for Facom, said: "It has long been recognised that existing designs for roller cabinets have barely changed for many years and so the designers at Facom have created a storage solution much more suited to the demands of fast-paced modern workshops.

"Many of the features such as the easy-move wheels, soft bumpers and fast access to key equipment simply don’t exist on any other product in the market. The JET+ units are also tested to 50,000 openings and closings of the drawers to demonstrate long-life capacity.

"The cabinets are available in three different widths to provide maximum storage capacity for any size of workshop. They are available in 28 colour options and are much more manoeuvrable than traditional cabinets."

Each unit can be custom configured with flexible numbers of drawers per cabinet and modular tool storage for each drawer.

All of the work surfaces are made of 2mm thick, ribbed, pressed aluminium which is also reinforced with a 15mm wooden board for ultimate strength and durability.

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