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Factory automation company SMC Pneumatics offer total solution with LE electric actuators

The increasingly diverse range of disciplines provided by modern factory automation requires an equally diverse range of machinery to provide solutions. Pneumatic actuators can provide the force needed for many applications, but electric actuators are often a better solution for providing repeatability accuracy – but how many actuator manufacturers supply both options?

Now SMC, the world leader in pneumatic factory automation, offers a total solution thanks to their new ‘LE’ electric actuators.

This versatile range includes:

Series LEF high-speed belt-driven actuator: stroke lengths from 30 to 2000mm allow fast, smooth movement of payload to help improve production output efficiency.

Series LES compact electric actuator with integrated guide: speed and simplify machine design by specifying this electric slide table. Its compact profile allows easier incorporation than many other actuators on the market.
Series LEY rod-type electric actuator: The strongest electric actuator in the range, providing pushing force of up to 707 Newtons without compromising accuracy.

Series LEH electric grippers: available with either two or three fingers to suit a wide range of applications; this product can achieve the same gripping force as its pneumatic equivalents.

SMC’s UK Sales Manager Nick Pittwood said, "Our customers can now have the best of both worlds from us; the programmability and accuracy of electric actuators as well as the muscle, reliability and cost-effectiveness of their pneumatic counterparts.

"Some of our electric actuators can be up and running in as little as 15 minutes thanks to our controller setting software, so the actuator you need can begin to pay for itself almost immediately."

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