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FagorBrandt renews its confidence in Savoye’s Logistics Manager Suite

FagorBrandt, the number one player in household appliances in France, has just implemented the latest version of the Logistics Manager Suite (LMS), from warehouse integrator Savoye. Utilizing the Logys component of its LMS package to manage its spare parts logistics, the business – which has an annual turnover in excess of €775m – has identified the minimisation of transport costs and stockholding as key to the ongoing success of the company.

Having worked closely with Savoye for over 15 years, FagorBrandt has renewed its confidence in the logistic software package developed by a-SIS, the sister company of Savoye which is ranked number 3 in Europe in terms of the number of successful WMS systems installations*. The French no. 1 in household appliances has implemented the Logys element of the recently launch LMS package to manage its growing spare parts logistic platform. FagorBrandt’s spare parts operation is supported by a mass storage site at Fleury Les Aubrais, in the north of France and a distribution platform at Cergy-Pontoise, to the north of Paris. The Logys element of LMS has been introduced to bring more efficiency to the business’s logistics operation; to optimize the management of its manufacturing flows as well as the return of spare parts from the technicians responsible for repairing customers’ goods.

Electrical goods are mainly received at the Fleury site and then dispatched, as needed, to the regional distribution centre at Cergy-Pontoise. At the RDC near Paris, 65 000 product references are managed and 600 spare parts orders are dispatched in France and all over Europe, mainly to specialist outlets and repair technicians.

The Logys solution allows the local control of mechanized equipment and is used to manage carousels during the picking phase for certain spare parts ranges. Other order fulfilment processes are also managed by the new system: optimized and pre-cubed preparation of multi-order carts, preparation by order, large volumes in multi-preparation zones and the preparation of pre-cubed, non-standard parts.

Logistics Manager Suite’s Logys component was launched in the UK in 2010 and was designed to be quickly integrated. Since its implementation at FagorBrandt earlier in 2011, it has proven very user-friendly and has given the company improved stock visibility, full traceability and improved productivity.

"The implementation of the new version of Logys has enabled us to optimize some of our processes, for example the management of the return of new parts, achieving significant gains in productivity.
User-friendliness is also greatly improved, which enables users to find their information more quickly and easily," said Géraldine Plaquette, project manager at FagorBrandt.

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