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Failing to recycle is rubbish despite

negative reports that thousands of tonnes of recyclable rubbish is being stock-piled in warehouses around the country, instead of being recycled, workplaces across all sectors are being urged by workplace equipment supplier, Slingsby to maintain their 'Green Agendas' in order to avoid paying landfill taxes which are increasing in April 2009.

Various recent news articles have reported that the downturn in the economy has hit the market for
recyclable waste and it is no longer viable to export waste materials, including paper and plastics, to
countries such as China, which reuse them when making new products and packaging.

However, with the standard rate of landfill tax rising from £32 per tonne to £40 per tonne next month, businesses that don't recycle will face significantly higher charges to dispose of rubbish in landfill sites.

Reducing the amount of waste that is placed in landfill sites also lowers the amount of methane and other gas emissions that landfill sites emit. Wrap, the government recycling agency, worked out that recycling in 2006 saved 18 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, the equivalent of taking five million cars off the road.

Lee Wright, marketing director of Slingsby, explains: “Negative press about recycling combined with pressures for workplaces to reduce costs could lead to some organisations choosing to cut back on, or completely abandon, their green credentials. However because landfill tax is increasing, this is likely to be false economy and workplaces that have significantly reduced their environmental impact in recent years should be continuing to build on this progress.

“Despite the short term concerns, over a longer period of time there's no denying that recycling will be worthwhile and have a positive impact on the environment. It's also important to bear in mind that recycling programmes don't have to be over-complicated and can be very quick and easy to implement.”

The following products are all used in workplaces that maintain effective recycling initiatives and are part of Slingsby's 35,000 product lines which are available through the company's catalogue and website (www.slingsby.com)

Recycling bins (wide range available)
Manufactured from high impact polyethylene. Sack retaining feature for standard 18 (45cm) refuse sacks. Colour coded lid inserts for recycling identification. Colour coded recycling logos. Height x Depth – 807 x 448
mm. Capacity: 100 litres. Sign available on request.

Online price – £203.30 each + VAT

Trio recycle bins Stainless steel housing. Push to open mechanism. Ideal for indoor use. Trio recycling bins – 60 litre capacity (3 x 20 litres).
Online price – £75.05 + VAT

Recycling box system Ideal for general storage or separating waste items for recycling. Both stack and nest. Supplied with lid. Available in four colours (Red, Yellow, Blue and Green). Polypropylene construction. H x W x D – 345 x 400 x 635mm.
Online price – £26.03 per box + VAT
Optional castor pack – £3.80 + VAT

Sensor twin recycling bin 60 litre sensor recycling bin, 2 x 30 litre containers. Removable plastic liners. Wheels for ease of transportation. Hygienic and convenient. Takes 4 x D batteries.
Online price – £104.50 + VAT

Mobile confidential waste bins (wide range available) Stylish, yet ruggedly constructed bin. Large wheels for extra mobility. Labels not supplied. Fully lockable. H x W x D – 930 x 420 x 500mm. Capacity – 90 Litres.
Online price – £148.20 + VAT

Slingsby was established in Bradford during 1893 by Harry Crowther Slingsby who designed and created a range of robust trucks and trolleys to move heavy loads horizontally around large buildings. Whilst the company is still famous for its manual handling equipment, it now supplies more than 35,000 workplace products to a full range of industries via its catalogues and website.

Several members of the Slingsby family remain on the board of directors and today the company has bases in Bradford, Belfast and Dublin. For further information visit www.slingsby.com

Recycling signs (wide range available)
In line with the EU Landfill Directive, most local authorities have in place a Municipal Waste Management Strategy. As part of this strategy, waste must be separated for recycling where possible. These signs are
ideal for marking bins and receptacles for recycling purposes. Size: 500 x300mm, vinyl.
Online price – £11.24 + VAT

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