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Fast Funnel provides clean and safe delivery of liquids and eliminates cross contamination

Fast Funnel is a range of unique disposable funnels that eliminates the hazards of impurities and cross contamination liable to occur when using the same funnel time and time again.

Launching in the UK, Fast Funnel is the only product of its kind on the market, can be used with virtually any liquid or powder and is perfect at keeping out the dirt and debris that damages engines and machinery.

Fast Funnel disposable funnels come folded flat for storage so you can keep them where you need them…glove box, toolbox or in your pocket. All you need to do is open and pour – whether it’s adding antifreeze to a vehicle or oil to a hydraulic pump this one use funnel stops cross contamination dead.

Solid particle contaminants introduced into a system is one of the leading causes of accelerated failure in mechanical equipment. Particle contaminants introduced into a system breakdown into smaller particles and can scour and gouge surfaces.

Andy Archer of Fast Funnel UK says: "Fast Funnel is the only product of its kind and offers an evolutionary approach to the age-old task of pouring a substance from one point to another. Fast Funnel set out to engineer a product that would eliminate the dangers of cross contamination inherent in changing fluids. The result was the birth of Fast Funnel disposable funnels, sturdy but compact and easily disposable."

"Contaminants often enter into a lubrication system when fluids are being added or checked. The simple procedure of using a clean new funnel each time you pour is one step in cutting down the possibility of introducing contaminants into the lubrication system. The advantages Fast Funnel brings to the process are immediate and vital to maintaining vehicle performance."

Fast Funnel also has enviable environmental credentials, offering substantial benefits over conventional plastic funnels: made from sustainable material sourced from suppliers committed to forestry programmes, they are biodegradable and easily recycled, reducing the waste associated with clean-up by removing the need for paper towels or rags to ‘clean’ ordinary plastic funnels.

Experts agree that Fast Funnel disposable funnels help keep oil clean from the bottle to the bearings, provide longer oil life, reduce component wear and help engine and machinery efficiency.

Chris Spinks of Metropolis Motorcycles says: "As one of the main motorbike dealers in London, we are always looking at ways to improve our customer offering It is one of those simple ideas that makes you wonder…why didn’t I think of it!"

Fast Funnel has been incorporated into the industry-leading maintenance programs of several top companies including the Coors, Miller Brewing Companies, and Nestle-Purina to name a few.

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