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Faster detection for new sensor

The latest optical distance sensor to be announced by Leuze Mayser, brings significant user benefits in terms of improved accuracy, fast detection and an increase in configuration possibilities. The new ODSL 30 sensor also benefits from a membrane keypad for simple parameterization and set-up of teach-in functions.

The ODSL 30 is a diffuse sensor type with both transmitter and receiver housed in the same tough IP67 rated body. It derives its measured output through computation of a phase shift between transmitted and receiver signal, the latter reflected from the target object; ODSL 30 has particularly good black and white properties.

Over its entire measuring range of 0.2 to 30m this diffuse reflection sensor is able to deliver an accuracy of ±2 millimetres. Also it has a very short measuring time of up to 30ms and delivers the actual measurement extremely rapidly. These benefits make it ideal for diverse applications such as diameter measurement, positioning of lift platforms and positioning the forks of fork-lift trucks.

The membrane keypad allows simple parameterization of the upper switching point, which is norm for many sensors of this type, but also enables set-up of a lower switching point by stepping through a simple menu. This latest development also allows for quick and easy adaptation of analogue output characteristic curve by means of teach-in during the production process. A further function available in the advanced menu is a setting of an offset/preset value to compensate for mounting tolerances.

Where sensors are used in banks next to one another their performance can be synchronised and precisely adjusted to deliver their values at the same time and at the same interval.

The ODSL 30 brings a new level of sophistication to optical distance measurement and is a valuable addition to the Leuze Mayser range with other models able to accurately measure distances up to 200m.

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