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Faster, Safer battery change from Nissan

Craning replacement batteries in and out of a forklift truck can be both time consuming and potentially hazardous. Now Nissan have developed a safer and faster alternative for their three-wheel TX counterbalanced series with a specially developed battery roll-out system.

By using the new rig in conjunction with a pallet truck, the risk of overhead working can be eliminated and the task achieved by just one person in a matter of minutes.

The side panel of the fork lift truck is removed, the roller bed is simply moved into position alongside the vehicle and the battery is either slipped into or out of position.

Because the Nissan transfer system's main rollers are produced in solid metal, the roll-out mechanism is ideal to accommodate the heavier, high capacity batteries used on the High Performance versions of the TX series trucks.

The TX lift truck series bridges the gap between Nissan's warehouse range and standard four wheel counterbalance electric trucks.

Three-wheel design offers the best manoeuvrability in the warehouse, with all models in the range also featuring a double rear wheel as standard for additional stability – an especially important feature for smaller trucks when travelling unladen.

A further benefit is Nissan's unique Syncro steering feature which provides the operator with guaranteed straight-line travel when reversing out of racking.

The AC-powered TX range extends to five versions and in six capacities from 1.25 to 2.0 tonnes, with Compact, Standard and High Performance options adding to the handling versatility of the series.

Performance is highlighted by class-leading lift and acceleration speeds, while safety for both the operator and the surrounding workforce is assured through Nissan's Risk Reduction System. This is designed to create a cabin space that provides the best all-round visibility and which incorporates dedicated controls to ensure optimum secure operation.

These include a mast lock system which prevents the forks from being lowered or the mast from being tilted when the operator has left the seat. The system also automatically restricts travel speeds and acceleration when the truck is turning, and reduces lift speeds at high rates of truck travel.

If the accelerator is released when the truck is on a gradient, an anti roll-back device ensures that the truck can reverse only slowly, while a new style of parking brake features a lock to prevent its accidental release.

The wedge-shaped design of the Nissan TX Syncro's chassis ensures optimum manoeuvrability for the truck, an especially important feature for electric warehouse models which are often called to operate in confined areas. Overall width is from just 1070mm. Coupled to the standard double rear wheel, it offers exceptional levels of stability and load capacity, especially at high lift heights.

Nissan has also introduced an innovative AC TECH controller with the TX Syncro to provide both maximum performance and maximum economy. The controller continuously monitors and communicates the forklift's status such as travel speed and steering wheel angle to the operator through the instrument panel.

Five function keys can also be used to adjust the truck's performance to ensure the safest operating parameters according to the operator's experience, the requirements of the load or the handling conditions.

Obtaining optimum productivity from a lift truck, say Nissan, is a question of good design to provide the greatest operator comfort and least fatigue, and integrating the latest technology for low energy consumption.

The TX Syncro has been designed to provide a wide step with ample legroom for easy access to a spacious cabin, while the multi-adjustable suspension seat and the adjustable steering wheel allow operators to select their ideal driving position.

In keeping with Nissan's automotive style of operator control, standard hydraulic levers are located immediately next to the seat and the pedal lay out is a familiar “passenger car type” to avoid confusion.

Fuzzy Logic Control aids smooth acceleration and enables the operator to focus on the job in hand, while truck deceleration takes place automatically when the opposite travel direction is engaged or when the foot is lifted from the accelerator pedal.

Fingertip controls mounted on the seat armrest are an option to improve natural operation and productivity even further.

For increased uptime, three regenerative braking systems put power back into the battery during operation, a load sensing steering system uses only the minimum power required for the operation, and Auto Power Off shuts the truck down when left on stand-by. All work through the Nissan AC TECH controller to increase the available working hours from each battery charge.

Even more uptime is gained through maintenance intervals which have been extended to 1200 hours, and with reduced service due to the six-disk sealed wet-type brakes and AC-TECH controller.

A further function of the AC-TECH controller contributing to truck uptime is its Built In Test Equipment (BITE) module. Diagnostics and troubleshooting can be performed by the service engineer through the instrument panel for rapid location of any problems.

With compact, standard and high performance models throughout the range, the new Nissan TX Syncro is available in cushion and super-elastic tyre versions from 1.25 to 2.0 tonne lift capacity, with lift heights to seven metres and a range of wide view, high visibility masts.

Nissan Forklift.
e: forklifts@nissan.co.uk. Freephone 0800 919968

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