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FELA presents new solution for determining the wagon formation of trains

At "transport logistic 2015" in Munich, FELA Management AG presented its new telematics solution "CarLoc®-TCD" for determining the wagon sequence of trains. The "CarLoc®-Train Composition System" (CarLoc®-TCD) uses GPS and allows a precise positioning of the rolling stock. With this solution rail operators are able to inform their passengers at the station of the exact location and order of passenger trains. Keeping passengers informed of where to find their platform, train and seats results in shortened boarding times, thus allowing the rail operator to stay on schedule and increase profitability. CarLoc®-TCD consists of powerful, rugged CarLoc® devices and a web-based management portal for additional data processing. This sophisticated equipment reports all relevant processes automatically to an authorized railway operator unit. It also enables easy cause-related invoicing of the rolling stock. CarLoc®-TCD does not require expensive infrastructure. It can be installed quickly and easily without damaging the vehicle’s shell and can be used for flexible fleet management.

"Train arriving in a changed order" – this common announcement at train stations for passengers and commuters means that their train compartment will not depart at the track section that is shown on the regular plan. Passengers only know where to get on the train when it finally stops at the station. However, short boarding and alighting times are critical logistic and economic factors, especially in high-frequency transport networks. Jost Geweke, CMO of FELA Management AG says: "Increased customer orientation is a key objective of rail operators – and CarLoc®-TCD helps operators in successfully achieving this goal".

The FELA GPS-supported system can be easily integrated through a web-based interface in the rail operator’s IT infrastructure. To capture the variety of driving and operating data such as total mileage, rest and running times, speed, train formation and direction, FELA equips the trains with CarLoc®-Units. The rugged on-board-unit (OBU) has an integrated GPS receiver and antenna and traces an accurate profile of the transport process through permanent data transfer. The internal memory of the OBU ensures reliable data recording even if the signal transmission is temporarily interrupted.

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