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FHG IPP Logipal appoints Dan Cronin as European WEEE Manager

FHG IPP Logipal, Europe’s second largest pallet pooling company, has recently appointed Dan Cronin as European WEEE manager at its Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) business unit. His appointment reinforces FHG IPP Logipal’s growth ambitions in the electronic waste and recycling pooling market.

Dan has previously worked for three Approved Authorised Treatment Facility (AATF) operators in addition to developing and managing a successful Producer Compliance Scheme. In his new role at FHG IPP Logipal, Dan Cronin will collaborate with specialists from FHG IPP Logipal’s Industrial Business Unit to offer a recycling handling solution to existing and potential customers across Europe. He will be responsible for pooling solutions for the e-waste market in Europe. In the UK, commercial service team leader, Laura Loveridge will be working specifically on the UK recycling sector.

FHG IPP Logipal’s Industrial Business Unit specialises in providing environmentally and cost efficient solutions to allow the collection and safe transport of used electronics. It has been active in the European recycling market for the past seven years and pools its reusable bulk boxes and high protection boxes for handling large flows of e-waste in a range of European countries including Benelux, France, Italy, Poland, Romania and the UK. In the B2C recycling segment, FHG IPP Logipal holds a market leading position in pooling containers. Since the introduction of the WEEE Directive, FHG IPP Logipal has been supporting municipalities, collection schemes and recyclers in enabling reverse logistics solutions for waste electronics in a supply chain spanning the collection of WEEE from the public and transportation to dedicated recyclers for treatment in compliance with the WEEE legislation.

Dan Cronin observed: "The system is widely used for collection, storage and handling of displays and mixed WEEE in both the household and non-household sectors. FHG IPP Logipal boxes are used widely to handle WEEE arising from these waste streams in some countries and it is FHG IPP Logipal’s belief that the benefits of pooling re-usable boxes are difficult to ignore.

"Pooling provides an attractive alternative to capital expenditure on alternative container solutions. The surprisingly low daily rental fee includes maintenance of the material by FHG IPP Logipal. In addition, the portfolio of containers held by the client is scalable; so if recyclers, schemes or collectors have an increased demand over Christmas the solution is to simply rent more containers and then de-hire them after the demand has subsided in February."

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