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FHG takes majority holding in Cradle to Cradle Products

FHG (formerly Faber Halbertsma Group) has acquired a majority holding in Cradle to Cradle Products (C2CP). FHG is the largest pallet manufacturer and the second largest pallet pooling provider in Europe. C2CP, based in Sittard in the Netherlands, supplies high quality products made from recycled local plastic waste flows. The acquisition of a majority holding in C2CP is in line with the Dutch Group’s strategy to offer a wide range of sustainable products and services centred on pallets and boxes.

Through this acquisition of a majority shareholding, FHG has expanded its portfolio of pallets by the addition of Cradle to Cradle plastic pallets which are manufactured using recycled local plastic waste flows thus minimising the carbon footprint of production.

Ingrid Faber, CEO of FHG, explains that C2CP aligns with the sustainability ambitions of FHG: "We place great importance on manufacturing pallets in a responsible and sustainable way and we are therefore enthusiastic about adding sustainably produced plastic pallets to our existing portfolio of sustainable wooden pallets."

C2CP’s plastic pallets are also being added to FHG’s pooling system for the chemicals sector and a good initial customer response is expected for these new products.

Sustainable pallets
C2CP is keenly looking forward to working with FHG. Sjra Smeets, co-director of C2CP, said: "FHG is a major player in the pallet pooling sector and places great value on sustainability and responsible production of pallets. The involvement of FHG with C2CP is consistent with FHG’s vision and our aspirations." Joop Lemmens, co-director of C2CP, also commented: "By producing pallets from upcycled waste materials, we are able to create excellent products that offer many benefits to users in terms of use, hygiene and reduction in CO2 emissions. The investment and pallet pooling knowledge of FHG will help to create a stronger business."

This acquisition of a majority holding helps FHG to further its focus on sustainable products. The wood currently used by FHG for its wooden pallets originates from sustainably managed forests and is FSC or PEFC certified. At the end of a pallet’s lifecycle, the wood is re-used for other purposes like chipboards, bio-mass or the generation of bio-energy. Faber explained: "We have created a continuous lifecycle in our pallet pooling activities. Pooling allows pallets to be continually re-used and helps to reduce both the consumption of raw materials and the generation of waste. The re-use of pallets and packaging is a sustainability principle that we hold in high regard."

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