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First Class Chemistry from SSI Schaefer

SSI Schaefer's flexible approach to customer requirements has been demonstrated in the recent modifications made to existing standard stillages to meet specific BOC Edwards requirements.

BOC Edwards, a leading supplier of equipment and gases to the world's most advanced manufacturing industries, required these changes to be made in keeping with its commitment to delivering total, integrated solutions or individual products that enhance the entire process.

Overall, SSI Schaefer made over a dozen significant modifications to the stillage, which resulted in the production of 300 totally new designed containers. The following modifications were introduced:

• Skids to the underside of the feet
• Top rim turned outwards to allow clear access into container
• Increased side wall thickness to 2mm
• Loading brackets redesigned to not exceed max height
• Strapping eye redesigned to not exceed max height

With a weight load of 250kg, a redesigned flat base and galvanised finish, the newly stackable stillages provided the perfect container to suit the requirements of BOC Edwards.

To coincide with the design of the stillage, SSI Schaefer were also asked to design a method of dividing the inside of the container so components of various dimensions could be accommodated. The design for this was based on the system used in the SSI Schaefer range of tool cabinets and adapted to suit.

Andy Craighill, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, BOC Edwards, said:

“The finished divider sets not only allow us to adapt each stillage for our current requirement but also differing configurations for future requirements. SSI Schaefer have provided the perfect stillage, all done for a very competitive price.”

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