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First Ever European Rental Week Launched with HAE’s Backing

First Ever European Rental Week Launched with HAE’s Backing

Leading trade association for tool, plant and equipment hire, Hire Association Europe (HAE) was delighted to play a key role in the first ever European Rental Week, hosted by the European Rental Association in Brussels earlier this month.

The idea for an international week of events devoted to the hire industry was conceptualised by the board of the European Rental Association (ERA) including HAE’s CEO Paul Gaze and Ann Harrison, Marketing and Communications Manager.

Paul, Ann and the wider team at HAE have worked tirelessly to promote the hire industry, raising awareness of the attractiveness of the sector to people considering future career options, as well as promoting the cost-effective benefits of rental for the wider construction industry. By co-ordinating its efforts with other rental companies across Europe, HAE is helping to put the hire industry firmly on the radar of public consciousness.

The theme for 2023 was ‘Investing in People’ with several events showcasing the human side of the hire industry. A video shared by the ERA included participants in the launch explaining just what it is that they love about working in this diverse and varied industry. Contributors commented, “I love the fact that I can contribute to building something” the sector is “full of entrepreneurs” and “I enjoy working in what is an essential part of the modern economy.”

It is anticipated that going forward, an annual European Rental Week will provide a framework for the rental industry across Europe to have a bigger impact by acting in unison. It also offers hire companies from the across the continent the opportunity to share examples of best practice, learning from each other and strengthening the wider industry for the benefit of all.

With the end of the year approaching and companies beginning to consider plans for 2024, HAE is encouraging hire firms to take advantage of European Rental Week as a key point in their calendars going forward. HAE has offered some practical suggestions as to how hire firms could take part in European Rental Week next year:

  • Consider hosting an open day in a depot to reach out to jobseekers, schools, students and customers.
  • Invite a local politician to a depot to highlight its contribution to the local economy.
  • Invite the media along to your event to raise awareness of it as well as the sector in general.
  • Organise a workshop, demonstration, or interactive session and share the information with local media and on social media in the run up to the event.

Paul Gaze commented: “There are many people who are potentially missing out on fulfilling careers within the industry simply because of a lack of awareness, leaving hire companies with skills shortages or struggling to expand. Similarly, hire firms are missing out on potential business as people are not aware of the benefits that can be gained by working with them. The importance of promotions like this cannot be underestimated, as they ultimately feed into increased revenue, recruitment and growth.”


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