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Fleet management company Trakm8 help companies reduce risk in employees and company assets

Trakm8, manufacturers of complete fleet management solutions, have many features within their range of products that can actively help reduce risk in terms of employees and company assets. Health and Safety legislation states that employers are obliged to make the workplace safe and it is of course in the interest of every company to keep the assets of the company secure. Trakm8 has technologies which address both of these issues simultaneously.

Drivers of fleet vehicles, whether it is a car, HGV or plant vehicle tend to work alone which in itself is a risk for those concerned. Trakm8 have a device known as a ‘panic button’ that can be fitted to the dashboard, where in the event of a driver needing urgent assistance a simple button press can send an audio and visual alert back to base. These alerts can also be sent by e-mail. This gives peace of mind to the driver and indeed the fleet manager and provides a mechanism that is in accordance with the duty of care legislation.

Trakm8 also have specialist technology to keep vehicles secure. Theft of vehicles is an everyday risk for all, but to a company it has a financial impact through loss of earnings and service levels can be impacted. Trakm8 use ‘Driver ID tags’ which integrate with their Fleet Management software to indentify which driver is driving a particular vehicle at any time. Using the concept of Driver ID, Trakm8 have created an immobilisation product. If a valid driver ID tag is not presented to its reader, the vehicle will not start. This ensures that only authorised drivers can start company vehicles.

Innovative technology at Trakm8 allows fleet managers to remotely immobilise vehicles via a text message. The vehicle tracking unit contains a SIM card, as found in a mobile phone. Each tracking unit has a unique ‘mobile phone number’ where fleet managers can text ‘the vehicle’, should they believe that the vehicle has been moved without authorisation. The receipt of this text message will prevent the vehicle from starting by communicating with the vehicle’s onboard computer system. If the vehicle is in transit when the text message is received, the vehicle will not restart once the ignition has been switched off. This feature has proved particularly useful to companies with valuable equipment such as plant machinery where one key operates all.

The ‘Panic Button’, Driver ID and Text Immobilisation are all options that can be added to any of the fleet management packages that Trakm8 offer. These options provide a ‘piece of mind’ solution to any proactive business looking to reduce risk and cut costs.

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