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Fleet management solutions company Trakm8 changing the perception of tracking

Trakm8, manufacturers of complete fleet management solutions, have noted the general perception of the business world towards vehicle tracking is still widely filled with caution. This has been attributed to tracking companies overselling products that aren’t required to support the business need or not having the technical capability to fulfil the promise made in the initial sale. Also the financial stability of suppliers and the ‘big brother’ fear that tracking is an invasion of privacy has tainted the image of the industry.

Trakm8 have many attributes that counteract these concerns allowing companies to take the decision to use tracking/fleet management confidently and in a manner which suits them. Upon initial enquiry Trakm8 will undertake a full analysis to identify individual needs drawing from their vast experience of every type of company from small companies with a simple track and trace requirement to larger companies with full requirements such as evaluating their carbon footprint e.g. utilities. To aid this product matching Trakm8 has 3 levels of fleet management with clear pricing structures. All packages can include a variety of available options to suit the actual need and budget. Trakm8 has a well established in-house support infrastructure to take clients from installation, on-going training through to troubleshooting until the client is completely satisfied. Trakm8 pride themselves on this process.

On financial grounding Trakm8 are a publically owned company based in Dorset. By the use of internal resources and knowledge Trakm8 have increased their technology and product offering which has proven effective resulting in company profitability in a difficult financial climate. Also by their stable and indeed individual approach Trakm8 has also won some influential customers such as the utilities company, E.ON.

As for the ‘big brother’ fear of tracking ultimately a fleet management solution is implemented for driver safety and vehicle security. It is this message that has to be communicated clearly to employees to understand the benefits. It is vital that an employer knows his staff are safe on the roads, monitoring driver behavior can cut down on speeding/harsh acceleration/braking and in some cases prevent accidents from happening, all for the benefit of the driver, the vehicle and the duty of care obligations of the company.

Paul Wilson, Sales Director for Trakm8 says ‘Here at Trakm8 we are committed to matchmaking our products to the needs of the customer, backed up with support that helps the customer every step of the way. We have a strong internal team of individuals who drive our technology and customer care creating our own success by focusing on future needs and exact customer requirements’

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