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Fleet management solutions provider Trakm8 announces launch of new SWIFT fleet management packages

Trakm8, manufacturers of complete fleet management solutions have announced the launch of their new SWIFT fleet management packages. The new packages are available in three different levels consisting of The SWIFT Fleet Classic, The SWIFT Fleet Advanced and The SWIFT Fleet Premier, all of which allow certain options to be added to tailor the product precisely to the customer’s need according their fleet management requirement, reporting and informational needs. Trakm8 feel the new SWIFT packages will help customers to utilise their fleets to their full potential and maximize functionality even further than before.

The SWIFT Fleet Classic includes as standard; 2 minute live updates which auto refreshes vehicle positions every 2 minutes; Vehicle timesheet report that shows daily/weekly mileage, driving hours and idle hours; Journey summary report which allows the user to view routes on a map showing speed and idle violations; On Site, POI stop and idle time reports; Graphical vehicle reports showing fleet utilisation and driving patterns; and 70 days of historical data.

The SWIFT Fleet Advanced package has all the features of the Fleet Classic Package but comes with e-mail alerts, speeding reports, aerial photography and 1 minute live updates. E-mail alerts are useful for alerting customers when a vehicle enters or exits a place of interest i.e. a destination or from a particular hub. Speeding reports can help identify persistent speeders and hence improve safety and also fuel usage, which is a useful tool when trying to economise on fuel consumption. Customer service can be improved by the 1 minute live updates by giving accurate delivery times.

Fleet Managers who maintain their fleets in house may find the SWIFT Fleet Premier of interest as within this package the hardware allows connectively to vehicle CAN bus. This allows vehicle fault codes to be communicated to the workshop before the vehicle gets back to base, and could allow maintenance technicians to order parts in good time for the actual repair. CAN data also gives precise vehicle information including fuel consumption, driver behaviour and accurate emissions monitoring all of which are extremely useful if these results are to be published and used as marketing information. The Fleet Premier package contains the CAN bus technology and all that is included in the Classic and Advanced Package.

All packages include hardware, installation and are fully upgradable. All packages can contain a full range of optional extras.

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