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Fleet management solutions provider Trakm8 takes live data to new heights with CANbus

Trakm8, manufacturers of complete fleet management solutions, have the technology to connect their fleet management system to a vehicle’s CANbus. This allows live data coming directly from the engine management system to be viewed at base. This data can give accurate engine and emissions data and communicates pending or actual fault codes before the vehicle has even returned to the fleet workshop.

Modern vehicles have various electronic control units (ECU) such as the engine control unit, transmission, airbags, antilock braking and many more. These systems communicate using the Controller Area Network bus (CANbus), much like a modern computer network.

Trakm8 have developed advanced technology to connect into the CANbus system to make use of the vast amount of data available to improve vehicle fleet performance. By monitoring driver behaviour, gear usage, acceleration, harsh braking, fuel usage, CO2 emissions and vehicle fault codes, the Trakm8 fleet management solution is able to reduce overall costs of running your vehicle fleet and also improve driver safety.

Fuel theft can also be a problem with some fleets, so electronic monitoring of the fuel volume before and after a journey can help to deter unauthorised losses.

Monitoring driver behaviour and the associated re-education, invariably has a beneficial impact on fuel efficiency which is of paramount importance with current increasing fuel prices. In addition, poor driving behaviour could be putting vehicles, third parties and employees, all at risk. Monitoring CANbus data can also give a true analysis as to the vehicle efficiency as a whole and enable comparison to establish the most efficient vehicle deployment.

CANbus data elements:

Vehicle Parameter ID’s (PIDS). Monitoring of Basic engine parameters – over 70 parameters may be capable of being monitored and reported

Exception Reporting
Under Range
In Range
Over Range

CAN Threshold Monitoring Functions
Harsh Acceleration
Harsh Braking
RPM Over Threshold
Accelerator Pedal Threshold

CAN Events
CAN IDLE Start/End
Excessive Acceleration (Rate of change in m/s2)
Excessive Deceleration (Rate of change in m/s2)
Sudden Stop (Rate of change in m/s2 resulting in zero speed)
Rpm Over Threshold
Throttle Over Threshold

CAN Summary Reports
Journey Summary report with CAN Data
(Fuel Level, Fuel Idle, Start/End Journey Fuel, Journey CO2)
(True CAN Idle, Coolant Temp, Clutch count, Brake count,)
(CAN Max Speed, Max RPM, Max RPM Time, No of DTC’s)
( Max Throttle, Max Throttle time)
RPM Profile
VIN Number

Vehicle Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s) – Warns of pending and current vehicle faults
Event reporting of Pending Faults
Event reporting of Current Faults

CANbus connectivity can also enable reporting on pending and current engine fault codes. Pending faults are those that have not been confirmed but where the vehicle system detects there could be a problem. This information would warn fleet maintenance managers well in advance that a particular type of fault may be about to arise. This knowledge could help prevent breakdowns or potential vehicle shortages that can ultimately impact profitability by a failure to meet customer fulfilment and delivery requirements. When current faults are reported, fleet maintenance managers assess the fault criticality and where appropriate, order the relevant spare parts before the vehicle is even returned to base.

It should be noted that diagnostic system capabilities are dependent upon expert analysis and availability of all the potential data elements which are not always present across all vehicle makes. Applications engineers should carry out a range of checks to determine the suitability of CANbus technology for the fleet.

If you would like more information on the Trakm8 range of fleet management solutions for any size or type of fleet contact the sales office now on 01747 858444 or go to www.trakm8.com

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