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Fleets are still ignoring license checking say CFC Solutions

Some fleets are still ignoring evidence that license checking and other risk management steps can reduce company car and van running costs, says fleet management software market leader CFC Solutions.

The company says that there is resistance from employers who view license checking and the adoption of a companywide fleet risk management policy as an administrative and cost burden that they cannot afford in tough economic times.

Neville Briggs, managing director at CFC Solutions, said: "Almost all major fleets have adopted a responsible safety attitude to their fleet and have a written risk management policy that meets Health and Safety requirements. They recognise the benefits that this brings in terms of reducing accidents and, ultimately, cost.

"However, we still come across some small and medium sized companies who simply will not acknowledge the issue. They just won’t accept that they have an active safety responsibility towards their fleet in a legal or ethical sense."

Briggs explained that CFC was actively involved in this area because of its License Link software, which is designed to make fleet driving license checks fast and easy.

He said: "Managers in these small and medium sized companies know that they are taking a legal risk and could face severe penalties in the event of a serious accident in which they are found to be at fault – but are simply willing to run that risk.

"Part of this appears to be a recessionary mindset – that they don’t have time to focus on anything other than their core activity – but part is also down to what you might describe as denial. They don’t think that it will happen to them."

Briggs added that the fleet industry as a whole could only tackle this situation by explaining the cost effective nature of effective, structured risk management.

He said: "In most cases we see, the promotion of a safety mindset has its own financial benefits through everything from lower insurance costs to reduced vehicle wear and tear. By emphasising this argument, we may win over the unconvinced."

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