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Flexi Narrow Aisle Limited picks Continental Specialty Tyres

Flexi Narrow Aisle the UK based Articulated VNA Warehouse truck pioneer has turned to Continental Specialty Tyres in a strategic partnership that will see the supply of Continental tyres as original equipment for its Flexi AC range globally.

Since 1976 Flexi Narrow Aisle has designed and produced warehouse trucks that are designed to be cost effective, space saving solution for warehousing, logistics and the manufacturing sector. The Flexi articulated VNA truck concept was developed in 1990 and since then has become popular not only in Europe but across the world. Flexi Narrow Aisle helps its customers with solutions to improve their storage, handling and customer order assembly. Producing the Flexi AC range has been designed with a main goal of safety and handling efficiency in mind, it is fitting that premium Continental Specialty Tyres will now be supplied on every Flexi produced.

Flexi Narrow Aisle’s Articulated truck range covers from 1.3 to 2.5 tonnes capacity, with lift heights from 3 to 14 metres. Their unique ‘True Radius’ design provides maximum aisle clearance and therefore travel speed, and they turn quickly with 220° of articulation. All these efficiency advantages place heavy demands on the tyres that they run on, to ensure a long service life under intense conditions. Therefore Flexi Narrow Aisle require the highest quality products to secure their customers, helping to fight against the biggest pressures in the industry, such as reducing operational costs and vehicle downtime.

Continental press on bands are the optimal tyres for stationary stability when dealing with heavy duty operations, perfectly fitting the demands of the extensive Flexi AC range.

The special tyre construction of the Continental MH20 ensures excellent stability and load-bearing capability. Generating minimal vibration, the MH20 provides excellent performance even in harsh applications. Full contact with the road means that the MH20 offers maximum traction. The MH20 also provides the best overall whole life cost in the long term, thanks to its low rolling resistance, long service life and lower risk of tread edge damage.

The Continental MC20 is designed for high tilting stability when dealing with heavy loads, delivering outstanding performance in harsh applications. The profiled tread pattern of the MC20 ensures excellent traction, at the same time the low rolling resistance helps to reduce vehicle’s fuel consumption.

John Maguire, Sales & Marketing Director for Flexi Narrow Aisle said "We are delighted that moving forward Continental will support our business with its premium tyre expertise. Like everyone in the materials handling business, improved service life is paramount for us and we are really happy with our choice in Continental and the MH20, we have already had a lot of positive feedback from our global customers and distributors"

Ian Burden, key account Manager from Continental said: ‘As a premium tyre manufacturer Continental are solution providers and we are delighted to support Flexi Narrow Aisle global growth with the ultimate choice in the MH20. We support customer needs with a bespoke offering when replacing their tyres, ensuring improved performance, whole life cost and the right tyre to suit the customer’s application.’

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