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Flexi Narrow Aisle Ltd has announced the launch of a new 2.5 tonne addition to its Flexi range of articulated forklift trucks

The Flexi AC 2.5T has been introduced to meet customer demand for a truck that can lift heavy loads of up to 2.5 tonnes and operate in the narrowest aisleways to maximize productivity and space utilisation.

"Until the launch of the Flexi AC 2.5T, if industrial customers needed a Flexi truck capable of lifting heavy loads to heights of 10 metres or more you invariably had to compromise on space efficiency," says John Maguire, sales and marketing director of Flexi Narrow Aisle Ltd.

"But, with its specially designed slimline chassis, the Flexi AC2.5T operates in aisles as narrow as 1.8 metres wide – enabling operators to make optimum use of the available storage cube."

The truck’s space efficiency is further enhanced thanks to Flexi Narrow Aisle’s decision not to use wheel arch extensions in the truck chassis design. When operating in narrow aisleways, a wheel arch is the part of a forklift that most frequently comes into contact with racking – causing rack, load or truck damage. But with the Flexi AC2.5T the rear wheels are integrated into the chassis so this risk eliminated.

The new truck has a host of other design features that combine to offer the highest safety, environmental and production levels.

For example, an integrated Zapi AC Power drive technology gives faster travel speeds, more efficient braking with reduced battery energy consumption.

The latest, low noise ‘whisper’ pump and motor technology ensures smooth and quiet full mast power steering while the truck’s Digital Activated Steering (DAS) system is a feature of the new model and provides effortless on demand independent power steering with lower battery consumption.

The Flexi AC 2.5T features the unique Flexi HiVIS overhead load guard with a laser cut cover plate to provide maximum 3600operator visibility and industry-leading levels of safety.

Safety can be further enhanced by the incorporation of a left foot-activated horn which means that the truck operator can warn co-workers that he is in their vicinity while keeping both hands free to operate the truck’s controls at all times.

A high quality, anti-vibration lumbar-support seat further improves operator comfort over the course of a shift – and helps the operator achieve sustained levels of high productivity.

Like other models in the Flexi range, the new truck incorporates a unique heavy duty front wheel drive axle design which, combined with the four-wheel Flexi True Radius® chassis and the ability to articulate through 220 degrees, allows easy and safe stacking and minimal manoeuvring in the aisleways. In fact, the Flexi AC 2.5T requires just one turn of the steering wheel to enter or de-stack a pallet – which results in further significant productivity benefits.

"The Flexi AC 2.5T will meet the growing demand from our customers – particularly those operating within the manufacturing arena and the grocery retail sector across Europe – who have a requirement to lift heavier loads, unload two pallets at a time or operate double deep storage systems, but do not want to compromise on space efficiency and productivity," adds John Maguire.

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