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Flexible Layer Depalletiser – The Next Level of Warehouse Automation

Retailers are demanding more and more flexibility within the supply chain. Activities such as the assembly and delivery of mixed pallets loads, layer order picking, automated de-palletising, unscrambling and ultra-fast sorting are just some of the challenges faced each day in the modern distribution centre.

Automated layer order-picking and the unscrambling of each layer into single items is not new, but its use has been severely limited due to the wide variety of products found in the distribution centre and the diverse range of packaging used by manufacturers. Small boxes, open top trays for glass jars, loose tins in trays and display cartons are just a few examples of products which are almost impossible to automatically order-pick, layer by layer reliably.

CSi's latest development, the Flexible Layer Depalletiser, has tackled the problem head on of automatically layer de-palletising a wide variety of products, regardless of their size, shape, layer pattern or weight. The revolutionary Flexible Layer Depalletiser can reliably handle almost any product found in the retail distribution centre thus making it unique in the market today.

Current layer picking technology relies upon a vacuum head to secure and lift each layer of product from the pallet, which is adequate for some products, but can be unreliable and dangerous when used to de-palletise more difficult products.

The CSi patented design uses a combination of friction rollers and a servo-controlled skimming table to strip each layer off the pallet and overcome the disadvantages of using a vacuum lift. This new Flexible Layer Depalletiser is extremely compact in design and can be fixed to a spherical robot, offering robotic picking systems with maximum flexibility and multiple pallet pick locations. Its low height and lack of vacuum attachments also makes the machine easy to maintain and extremely quiet.

Due to its simple design, the machine provides a low-cost depalletising solution to suit most applications and coupled with its ease of installation and commissioning, makes our new Flexible Layer Depalletiser an extremely cost-effective machine.


In combination with our unscrambling table, layers are quickly and efficiently stripped and single-lined.

Compact and Reliable

The use of a standard spherical robot with a simple gripper construction creates an exceptionally reliable, lean and mean depalletising system.

Safe product handling

Individual products are fully supported during the depalletising process providing secure and safe product handling.

Low Maintenance

Its simple design guarantees low maintenance costs and extremely high system availability.

Low Noise

The absence of a large vacuum gripper head ensures that noise is kept to a minimum.

Interested? This unique machine concept will be introduced at CeMAT from 11 to 15 October 2005. Email marketing@csiweb.nl for a free ticket.

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