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Flogas Britain continues to extract risk from its fleet and reduce road incidents with Lytx DriveCam Safety Programme

Constantly refreshing safety as a focus has paid dividends at Flogas, a leading supplier of liquefied petroleum gas in the UK. Flogas adopted the Lytx DriveCam video-based safety programme for its fleet of 150 vehicles three years ago, and has resisted taking a “set it and forget it” attitude. Instead, Flogas makes Lytx DriveCam an active solution in searching for – and targeting — new risky driving behaviours. The result is more focused coaching efforts, and a continued decline in risky behaviour.

Lytx, Inc. is the global leader in video-based driver safety, provides data-driven insights that inform coaching, and helps prevent incidents before they occur.

“Lytx DriveCam is a driver safety solution that continues to make a measurably positive impact on our business and on the community at large,” said Anthony Harding, Driver Systems Support Manager at Flogas. “We see daily how the Lytx DriveCam Programme makes our drivers better by identifying opportunities for coaching. It helps us focus our coaching efforts where they’re needed most.

For example, Flogas has recently targeted its coaching efforts on “following too close” because the Lytx DriveCam insights have revealed it to be risky driving behaviour that could lead to collisions if left unaddressed. This targeted approach has led to an increase in driver safety, and a 25 percent decline in coachable events as recently as September.

Flogas Britain first engaged with Lytx following an unsuccessful trial with another video-based driver safety technology provider, and a recommendation from a US Lytx client. Committed to ensuring the highest level of safety, the company agreed to trial the DriveCam® Programme in 25 of its vehicles. They saw near-immediate results, and subsequently committed to rolling out the DriveCam solution throughout the cylinder delivery fleet.

“We couldn’t be happier with the programme, and even our longest-serving drivers have become advocates,” said Harding. “Now that we’ve seen how it protects our drivers and our business, we can’t imagine driving without it.”

The DriveCam Programme combines state-of-the-art sensor technology; real-time data and coaching; and comprehensive, world-class service to optimise drivers’ performance and prevent collisions.



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