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Fluid operation of Union Industries doors

HELPS ERADICATE HEAT LOSS AT JEYES. Union Industries, the UK's market-leading manufacturer of the Matadoor range of Hi Speed Doors, is continuing to support a programme of environmental temperature control at Jeyes' manufacturing facility in Norfolk.

Jeyes' base in Thetford is the hub of its UK operation where it produces and distributes the company's bleach, disinfectant and cleaner products.

Union had previously installed two of its robust and reliable Bulldoors in external locations at the plant, which aid the reduction of heat loss from the building.

Continuous vehicle traffic in and out of the factory, which leaves one of the building's large access points exposed to the elements, has led to Jeyes' installing another of Union's Bulldoors at the entrance to its automatic palletiser area.

The fast-acting operation of the Bulldoors, which open and close at 1.6 metres per second, allows forklift vehicles to enter and exit the facility without compromising the integrity of the building as well as providing a more comfortable working environment for Jeyes' personnel.

Manufactured as part of the Matadoor range of Hi-Speed Roller Doors, the Bulldoors boast a unique 'Crash-out' facility, which ensures the door remains operable if hit by a vehicle. Common to all doors in the Matadoor range it is supplied as standard with a fire retardant and anti-static door blade and no fewer than 12 safety devices.

Russell Barling, Jeyes' Engineering Manager, said: “With thousands of cases of product travelling through the palletiser area everyday we needed a solution that would reduce the cold air entering the building without hindering the productivity of our forklift fleet. Therefore we had no hesitation in asking Union Industries to provide another high quality Bulldoor following the success of the first two installations.

“Union's Bulldoors achieve that task and have also, through their speed of operation, allowed us to reduce energy loss, save money and maintain a more constant temperature inside the building, which is beneficial for everyone working in the facility.”

Gary Bareham, Sales Engineer at Union Industries, said: “Energy saving and providing a comfortable working environment are key issues for companies operating large industrial facilities with constant internal and external vehicle traffic. Businesses, such are Jeyes, are actively addressing these challenges by employing Union's Matadoor range of Industrial Hi Speed Doors as an effective solution.”

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