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Flying the flag overseas for home grown technology

A technology developed here in the UK has gone international – changing the way well known overseas projects and organisations are managing their building sites, maintenance projects, infrastructure and events.

The Echo Barrier H series of acoustic barriers are simple to install, lightweight and easy to transport, highly effective noise reduction barriers. Developed by some of the UKs leading sound engineers, the product is already being used throughout the UK by Top 10 construction companies such as the Murphy Group and Balfour Beatty to keep noise pollution at bay and make work sites much more community-friendly.

Barriers were used in the construction of the Olympic equestrian site at Royal Greenwich Park, the Electric Festival in London, Reading Pride, and on significant road and rail maintenance projects across England.

The barriers have had immediate successes in Australia, being used very successfully at the Caloundra Music Festival and on rail maintenance works on the Sydney rail network.

In the US, barriers have played a significant part in the ground works at the re-build of the World Trade Centre site.

Further Echo Barrier offices are now opened in Canada, UAE, Singapore and Switzerland, with more in Europe to follow.

Richie Eyles, Festival Director for Caloundra Music Festival, selected the impressive Echo Barrier sound reduction panels to help improve sound isolation for each stage area – and reduce impact on the surrounding community.

He said: "We believe the ability of Echo Barrier to absorb sound contributed to cleaner sound, reduced noise spill and ultimately provided a better experience for all from patrons to organisers and musicians and of course our neighbours. This control over noise gives us greater flexibility in future festival site layout. Attendees, musicians, volunteers and staff attending the event were extremely impressed with the high quality sound."

Peter Wilson, Technical Director of Echo Barrier said: "We’re proud of the contribution that our products bring to events like music festivals – as well as to construction sites and in high footfall areas of major cities. Managing the impact of noise on local communities needs carefully handling, and by using our barriers, construction companies and local councils are showing that they are doing their bit to reduce unwanted and inconvenient noise – whilst being able to work longer hours and reduce delay costs. "

Echo Barrier products were recently recognised by the Institute of Acoustics and Noise Abatement Society at their annual awards and the barriers were recently named as Best Environmental Product at Civenex, Australia.

The commercial benefits of noise reduction are enormous, including minimising sound reflections to improve sound quality, minimising noise from nearby stages which might impact on the main performers, extension of event hours and an increased flexibility of site layout. They can minimise noise complaints and enhance company reputation.

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