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Focus Packaging bridges gap with new Alpha Super 7 series pallet wrappers

Focus Packaging have neatly bridged the gap between fully-automated packing lines and semi-automatic pallet wrappers with the new Alpha Super 7 series. It simply requires the loaded pallet to be placed on the turntable with the actual process of applying the film the wrapping and the cutting being fully-automated ready for fork-lifting off. With no need for an operator it offers the benefits of a fully-automated pallet line without the expense of buying one.

Combined with personalised wrapping programs and a revolutionary stretch-film applicator that twists and ‘cords’ the film within the same wrapping cycle, the Super 7 Series’ can eliminate labour and materials where horizontal strapping and corner supports are used.

Operating with both perforated and PS conventional films, the Super 7 series’ personalised wrapping programs also allow the user to leave gaps in areas normally covered by film when using conventional machines so that markings and labels can be applied directly on to trhe load or bar code readings can be made after the load is secured on to the pallet.

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